DPRK Threaten to kick off WW111

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. More then likely sabre rattling to get more economic aid/concessions out of the SKs or Japs. We had an arrse debate on the likely outcomes of such a war-the SKs and spams would probably batter the NKs, but wouldn't be much fun for the SK civilians at all, lots of chemical-capable NK artillery within range of Seoul...
  3. Of course if their missile just detonates accidently (as their dodgy tech is prone to do) then he'd have to make good on his claim and march south.
  4. Possibly also seeing how the new POTUS will react
  5. Calm down dear - it's just a commercial! :D

    Most likely an attempt to put pressure on the Septics for more financial/food aid. The Dog-Eater generals know that kicking off a full-scale war would result in them recieving the Mother of All Shoeings from the Yanks, and possible the Chinese as well. And, unlike the poor, dumb b@stard civilians, the rulers enjoy lives of luxury; they have too much to lose. :twisted:

    Also, they'll want to see exactly what Kal-El Obama's made of. :roll:
  6. In march '93 the NKs threatened withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, just after Bill Clinton's inauguration, and there was controversy over nuclear inspection around the time of Dubya's inauguration, so there may well be an element of testing Obama's resolve here...
  7. "You breaking my balls, Obama..." :lol:

    "I'm so ronley..." :D
  8. Yet more ritual theatre to extort money out of the uncomprehending West. NK will not, ever, start a war. That would result in China moving in and stomping them very, very flat. Then kicking the bits around to make a point. The Chinese do not tolerate that sort of thing on their borders.

    I suspect that the South Koreans know this but pretend that they don't for home grown political reasons, oh and to get some free kit from the US. Just mutter the words freedom and democracy and they get the chequebook out.

    The US are less important. They have no spare units to reinforce those currently in the South and won't want to clash with the Chinese in their back yard over a matter deemed essential to Chinese national survival. I would see them defending the South but leaving the invasion of the North to the Chinese.

    The only people who need to worry are the Japanese. If NK nukes them flat then immediately surrenders I don't see either SK or China getting overly upset - there's an awful lot of bad blood over what the Japanese did and their refusal to apologise or even acknowledge their crimes.
  10. They seemed to tolerate it in 1950-52 well enough, sending a 'volunteer' army to reinforce the NKs, I'd only expect the Chinese to get involved in the unlikely event that in a war the Yanks and SKs were mad enough to threaten north east china in some way, which is what prompted their intervention last time, not the North attacking the South. The Americans wouldn't need to send more ground troops, the SKs have plenty, and well trained and equipped, ground forces, its the American airpower they'd need, and that would be both available and a decisive factor. I don't see how its more likely the NKs would hit Japan for no gain or benefit then attacking the south.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  12. My take on that is that the Chinese decided that having US troops on their border was unacceptable, hence their support for the North. They still think that way and hence won't allow SK to overrun the North, which means they have to overrun it first. That said, I reckon they've quietly pointed out to both the Great Leader and more recently the Dear Leader that they won't tolerate nuclear exchanges on their doorstep.

    As to US airpower, I'm less confident than you are. The US has very little these days that is not committed to current ops and is using up airframes far faster than it is buying replacements. It definitely has no spare land forces available. Plus the US cannot afford to upset the Chinese (and vice versa) given the current economic realities. Hence the Chinese pushing back on their doorstep while letting the US do what it likes elesewhere - equals in other words, which is a new feeling for the US.

    The only potential wild card then is the fact that the Koreans really, really don't like the Japanese for obvious reasons.
  13. If they were going to test missiles I bet now because of the big media bum-up they will send satelites to piss on everyones bonfires.

    Couldn't south korea just track it to make sure it is in fact a satelite without shooting it down?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've got a deep suspicion that this NK thing IS actually about to kick off. I think it's the metal plate in my head, but it always thrums when there's bad sh!t about to happen.
  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    A war in the far east would be just the thing to take people's minds off the world economic melt-down.

    Dear Leader is not reported to be in the best of health,so all bets are off as to the ultimate outcome of this one.

    The Chinese playing brinkmanship off Hainan could be because of the Chinese leadership trying to divert attention at home off the economy,with upwards of 20 million Chinese unemployed.What better way to divert attention and rally round the flag than a little skirmish with the Americans?.