DPRK Loses the Internet


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North Korea isn't directly connected externally, but probably gets its internet/comms capability direct from China. A relatively simple job to surgically remove internet connectivity to DPRK, but probably going to cause some protests from China!

They appear to be one of the few Nations with coastal access without any direct connection to any submarine cables! I worked on a few of these systems around the world, but didn't realise we didn't give them a connection!

Perhaps they will behave themselves now if they want to get their internet back!
I'll bet you he feels feckin' ronery now.
Good, it's about time that someone put an end to his shenanigans. It's one thing putting the mockers on a shithouse B-movie which nobody would've watched anyway, quite another messing around with someone elses nuclear power stations.
The Guardian is reporting that Kim Jong Un and his pals have no access to the net. (Link to follow when I get home).

Somewhat surprisingly the US is refusing to either confirm or deny that they are behind the failure. ( ;-) )


Link as promised.

Are they using one of those 3 Plug in thingies? Mine's shite too and my Sky box is frozen cos Mrs Cooper left it on pause for 24 hours. But it could be the Americans.
Is Barry going to text a Na na na na nah message to Kim Jong Un now.

Or a selfie of himself on Facebook. That would hurt.
The country's computer comms work mostly off a DPRK intranet so I'd imagine it can roll along for a bit on that and old style telephony.
I'm having the same problems with BT. If they get reconnected before me I'll be furious as I've been waiting longer.
So that's the two websites down then.

cookingwithdog.dprk.net and whatourgloroiuosleaderdidtoday.net
Has he tried turning it off and on again? BT might charge him for an engineer visit if it's just a loose cable...

Good article on north Korean intranet.

I remember reading somewhere that the supreme leaders name automatically came up one font bigger than the rest of any text.

I'm not well read at all on the place, but it strikes me as a Stalinist basket case. Sooner this knob dies and it can renenter the real world, the better.

Will they cyberstrike me now?


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It's okay. It's back now. I have found it. It's here, on me tablet. Somebody tell them I've got it and they can pop round and collect. If they're hard enough.


It is like I have emerged from a bad dream. Grumpy exchanges over Scottish Independence then a whole raft of ill informed and pointless ranting about wimmin in the infantry. Only my training and dogged perseverance and the fact that I used to lug the Charlie G kept me going.

Then this. Arrsers I salute you. I have a tear or two rolling down my cheeks. Finally theres some fun to be had, even if there is a risk that we will all get hacked and put on a hit list.

Oh and Kimthing whatsyername - remember the name TRUXX...

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