DPRK and the Axis of Evil


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The North Koreans have admitted to having WMD (nuclear weapons). As Dubya included North Korea in his original list of the Axis of Evil, do we see a revised list coming out? Or have forthcoming tours become a shed load more hazardous?
Just makes his case for a military solution stronger 8O
i wonder if the screaming leftie bde will now go

"well, ok, bush got that one right!" :twisted:

hmmmmmm, i doubt it! (This must be America's fault somehow!) :evil:
Aah, the Workers' Paradise has got its priorities straight - nuclear weapons are more important than starving peasants.

I can just see Gorgeous George Galloway getting on the plane now to go & personally congratulate Kim Jong Il now... :twisted:
Sorry but has containment not worked with DPRK for the best part of 50yrs.

Bush pulled a Bde out of SK to prop up Iraq, if containment works in SE Asia why not Iran?

Oh yes, before you go on about terrorism, there is ample eveidence of state sponsorship of terrorism by the DPRK, the Japanesse are still awaitng the return of many of their citizens kidnapped over the past 50 yrs.

Evidence came out that they were testing chemical weapons on political dissadents but instead giving a shit we propped up the DPRK with food aid.

Strave the b'stard into submission or revolution surely?!
Technically a state of war continues. It has to rate as the longest ceasefire in history. US ground forces continue to withdraw from Korea while we build up the ROK's defensive capabilities. Unless the North does something overt I would guess time is on our side. The regime will change sooner than later.

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