Question, had DPm been getting browner over the years? I seem to remember seeing older DPM with a lot more green, and was wondering why the green seem to be going.


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Global warming.
Dunno, but I seem to remember being issued with 58 pattern combats in basic, that had a distinctly pinkish tinge. Now was this to signify an early move towards legalising uphill gardening, or was it a Wellsian contingency plan in case of Martian invasion in order to allow the 4th Bn the Loamshires to merge imperceptibly into growths of the "red weed", so they could take out the tripods with Charlie G and WOMBAT laced ambushes?

Time for a cold towel around the head and a large gin.
i like the 1968 pattern DPM - i hasten to add that i didn't which was which until i looked on the website.

it looks more... well, distruptive. it also looks like it might be more wales/scotland than the newer pattern, which looks more southern england.
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