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Just a quick question. Having aquired a german flectarn DPM smock as a gift from a friend should i wear it as a jacket whilst in civi order?

Is it "walty" to wear DPM casually as a civi? Is it Sad?

Your thoughts please.



Gok says..........

DPM's for winners. Current issue temperate DPM during the day and at night I slip into MARPAT trousers, battered Meindl desert fox's and a faded, stained and ripped maroon t-shirt. I'm sad, brainwashed and institutionalised but the money I would've spent on clothes I can use on prostitutes, sweets for kids and kleenex.
gunnerfalkey said:
Sensible answers only please chaps, please remember this is not the Naafi.

They were sensible answers. If you're finding yourself with an overwhelming urge to constantly cover yourself in DPM - go regular you STAB walter.
gunnerfalkey said:
Sensible answers only please chaps, please remember this is not the Naafi.

Ask a sensible question then and not one that can be derided.


War Hero
Are you in the Bundeswehr? No? Then you don't wear it. I'm a cadet and even I think it's walty to wear camo apart from when it's supposed to be worn.

Besides, tropentarn looks better anyway :wink:

The only time camo with civi's looks good is when you cut the legs off to make shorts. ACU actually looks alright with pasty white legs


It's plain sad. Buy some nice civilian tops instead.
I've got a Belgian and a Danish desert jacket which I recieved as gifts, but I'm never wearing them.

I bumped into a lad at a civvy friends barbecue last summer who was wearing a USA grey digi pattern jacket. It was all badged up too, and had "HELMAND" patch on the chest.
I asked him if he felt any shame in wearing such a jacket while people were out there working hard and dying in such a jacket. It turned out that he WAS actually serving Brit Army and had got the jacket from a mate.

I don't think you can class him as a Walt, just a sad ****.

Do yourself a favour mate, put the flecktarn in the loft and show it to your grandkids in a few decades. In the mentime, wear something made by Next, or someone.
gunnerfalkey said:
I also have recieved a Black SAS smock.

Why is it an SAS smock?
Shortfuse, I think your replies are too subtle for gunnerfalkey. Perhaps he does not understand the concept of HOMO.

Wear the DPM with your civvies mate, especially when wearing boots CBH too.

That way if I ever set eyes on a pikey looking throbber straight from the set of The Office (Gareth) I can be sure to bite your fcuking nose off.

Hope this helps.
DPM only to be worn in civis when slaughtering fluffy animals, Brifghteyes, Bambi's mumect
Told you - work clothing, whether you're a steely-eyed killer or foraging for the ingredients of Range Stew.
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