DPM Windproof Smock

Hi All,

I have one of the above which my Father gave me, it must be one of the older issues as it has a rank slide both front and rear where the newer ones only have them on the front.

I much prefer it to my C95 Jacket even though it does not have the 2 zip pockets.

The thing is it needs to have all its velcro replaced as the cuffs keep coming apart and patched on the hood as the wire is sticking out both ends.

I would like to purchase a new one but looking on e bay has me all confused.

I do not want to end up with the wrong one (webtex)

On E bay they are called, windproof, SAS, artic, smocks. The pictures never seem to show them well enough.

Does anyone know where is the best place to purchase one?

Before anyone beats me to it I am not an Airsoft Walt or thinking of becoming an extra for Ultimate Farce.

I just would like the best bit of kit to do the job.

Regards in advance

Hi mate

Friends of mine got theirs from www.militarykit.com for about £80

Hope this helps

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