DPM - why?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. DPM - Used to the best in the world, I know, but since then, its been superceeded by a bunch of other better 'digital' patterns - MARPAT, CADPAT etc etc - so why are we still stuck with DPM? And introducing a new version!

    I mean if you look at a bunch of squaddies sitting in front of a woodline, they look like...well, a bunch of squaddies sitting in front of a woodline, there's very little blending. I saw a Canadian standing in front of a tree in Copenhill Down a few years back, and he practically dissapeared.

    And i've seen this 'crye' multicam camo which looks brilliant (guy bottom left) http://m.onet.pl/_m/45baf2cd2dad963e3252b73ace1eb780,21,1.jpg

    Anyway, i'll go retrieve my teddies, which have been thrown a considerable distance from the pram, and await the abuse lol
  2. I'm rather a fan of DPM, though that's just because 1) It's ours and 2) I think it looks ace.

    I disagree partly though, because it can be very effective indeed. If squaddies are on ops/ex then just sitting infront of a tree line sticking out is bad drills on their part, not the fault of the uniform.
  3. And therein lies the problem. You'd never find the f uckers to do any work. :D
  4. I must admit I do like the German Camo uniforms. Seen them on ex, and worked with them, its a great system
  5. Dr Chris - the Churhcill tank "was ours" but we've moved on since then!

    "If" studies show that digi pattern etc are better than DPM, then changing is probably the way ahead IMO.
  6. Hang on I thought we were going digital, imminently, along with the introduction of 1970's style barrack dress cos its "too expensive" to use as normal working dress?
  7. I read an article in Combat and Survival magazine about digital camo. If you look at the ACU camo theres no black in it. In DPM obviously theres loads, apparently 'theres no black in nature'. I dont know because there is shadows. Camos an interesting subject I think, but one I know bugger all about.

    Not a very useful comment but thats why theres no black in ACU. Anyway...
  8. Therein lies the rub....nuff said (my bold) :)
  9. Agreed, if it can be proven it's better then of course that's the way forward. But these studies appear to find new things every time they are done, taking them in an entirely different direction.

    I can't agree with the above comment that DPM doesn't work though, as i've seen it work bloody well. I suppose it's inevitable that we're going to need new kit at some point. Oh well, I can cry my silent tear at the loss of DPM...
  10. Doesnt the camolfage need to identify as well? To stop us shooting our own side because the enemies cam looks similar.
  11. On the subject of black, why do we wear black boots? For field use surely brown or green would be better? IMHO.

    But then we would need two sets, coz brown or green wouldn't look as good on the drill square. :roll:
  12. Fcuk wasting procurement money on stuff like that. That can wait an we know it.
  13. dont fix it if it isnt broken.
  14. When the new German pattern was introduced, about 94/95 a German WO was told by a member of the ARRC G2 staff how similar the new pattern was to that of the SS. He smiled, and quipped, "yes but have you seen the new helmet!"

    Perhaps we will see dark yellow German panzers next!
  15. That crye stuff saves money though - its equally useful on SENTA or away in the sandpit?! No need to issue two of everything! Surely that appeals to someone deep in the bowels of the MoD? cost cutting AND more effective?

    And they said it couldn't be done....