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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. In the vain of various 5.56 threads:

    I got the DPM maglite torch and I fink it's really good for a 14 year old cadet/nazi cos it now means I don't get shotted when using white light until I'm right on top ov the enemy and then it's too late cos I can stab them wiv my 87 function swiss army knife which I've coloured in green and brown cos i is hard.

    What are your experiences? Are dpm maglites the dog's danglies? Is this something HMG government should force the MoD to invest in, given the likely positive impact on combat casualities? Do some people just need to get out more?

    P.S I do actually have one... they'd run out of all the other colours - honest gov. What does it matter what colour a torch is? It's the light coming out of it that matters (red filters...)
    oh no, I'm turning into one of them *points a wavering finger at walts*
  2. The Spar shop at Lichfield sells a maglite for £14.99 (nice bit of product placement there) but to get the same torch in DPM costs £19.99! A fool and his money are easily parted!

    Surely even a DPM torch can't be as walt as DPM tape though?
  3. I bought some DPM footpowder for use in the arctic! it was ony 3 quid more expensive!
    When I used it it was white!
  4. I can't think of a witty answer, so I'll go all serious...

    AA Maglites are the way to go, if only because the batteries are lighter and last longer than those in the Torch, RA (especially if you use the pathetic green ones).

    Because you can't clip a Maglite on in the same way as a Torch, RA, you need to invest in some of the Nite-ize stuff.

    I can't, in good conscience, advocate the DPM version, though this is purely because it always seems to be more expensive than the black.
  5. That was waaaaay to serious..... 8O
  6. i went and bought a maglite in bright red, caus i was always dropping the DPM ones and could never find them again.
  7. Is this NAAFI Bar? or has my screen been telling me lies again?
  8. If you leave them switched on, this shouldn't be a problem. And I've never bought a torch to match my eyes.
  9. NAAFI bar, I wasn't expecting serious responses... it was a thread aimed at cadet nazis :?
  10. is 5.56 part of the new labour 'bLiar youth' i take it then?
  11. People shouldn't really quote their IQ in their username.
  12. Mine has a DPM beam so nobody can see me.
  13. Fools! If you tape your torch to your gun, you'll never lose it. Also you can see where you're shooting at.
  14. I bought some DPM condoms,so my wife could not see me sneaking up on her. 8O
    Insert penis size jokes here. :(
  15. Maglite + green paint + black paint + too much free time = DPM maglite