DPM Rank Slides

Is it just me or does anyone else have great difficulty differentiating between a Sarn't Major and a Major's rank slide.  Especially when they just pop up unannounced (HQNI's riddled with 'em).

I wish Offrs would do the decent thing and wear conspicuous rank slides.  We lesser mortals are always getting caught on the hop, peering myopically and asking each other "F*** - is that an officer coming..?"

The worst offenders are the ones who wear junglies/trops or bizarre forms of uniform with no visible rank markings then throw a proverbial wobbler when ORs don't salute them.  Tossers. :mad:

Honestly - it's bloody murder.  By the way, yes I'm aware that cloth capbadges are often a good indicator of commissioned ranks.

Any thoughts?
it must be a nightmare for foreign troops to work out which is which. in my opinion, ssm's are impecably dressed while majors turn up in all sorts of mixed dress.


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I wear a large arctic smock with no rank attachment on it, my hands shoved into the bottom pockets and I say 'Hi' to everyone who ever looks in my general direction.

It's surprising what you can get away with...

Top Tip though, don't look at the capbadge, look at the boots.  If they look even remotely polished, they WILL NOT be those of a Major...


Surely the general demenour of the Sgt Major will infact be the deciding factor, as Majors (unless an ex RSM) will look like a sack of frogs bungeed up in the midle.
It's all the fault of the MOD (isn'y everything) they should never have got rid of batmen.

Bring back the soldier servant, clean boots for all officers and gainful employment for all those graduating with unclassified degrees.


Come on troops, you can easily tell the difference. Rodneys look lost, Sgt Maj's look like they own the place, even if they are visiting.And their elbows are at least 12" away from their sides pointing outwards when they walk


it can be a conundum bit there is a clue , majors have SMALL crowns whereas sargeant majors is a  BIG crown .

mind you by the time you see that he will on top of you hopefully not giving you one up the mine shaft !
Just a suggestion - but why don't they bring back rank-tabs on shoulders for officers??

Should solve the problem!!
Plain olive green ones might do the trick........Gotta say some of the DPM ones are just impossible to decipher, regardless of rank, even at short range.


our unit has the officers in drab rank slides n sncos with dpm slides, it works .....but only when the chuffing officers decide to ware them and not ware some strange styles of uniform !


"I say Woopert, that man didnt salute me!"

"sorry Boss i will"

Just waiting for an Iraqi sniper with decent optics....... ;D
Let's not encourage the upper middle classes to look too much like the chaps.

When I'm in Iraq I don't want some 'elite' Iraqi soldier slotting me, cos he can't recognise me as a worker ant.  To my horror I have a bit of a receding chin, so he'll think I'm a cutesy shortarse version of rodney.  We're all doomed!

I much prefer officers to dress differently (along with being 'differently abled').  

The OC/CO should insist that the SSM/CSM/QMSI wears his crown (crown and laurel) on the leather wrist band to avoid confusion. I understand that the DPM rank slide worn with CS95 should only be for use in the field. All other ranks should be worn on the sleave, again, unless in the field.



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True enough though, init?

Someone put a Genny exhaust extension into our QM's 9x9 on the last sandy exercise!


the only problem you ever get is between Major and Sargent Major, nothing else looks the same even at long distance. Big Crown little crown. this has already been said.Why can we not sort this one out?Green Slides. Wrist Bands, no slides Why sould all Ranks have to change just because of this one rank issue?

I lack the experience that others have working day to day in this enviroment. I will bow to those who think different.


Hey PD,

Who gives a fcuk.  Do what all the other ORs in Lis do, ignore every officer they see.  Its the slackest place I've seen!

Mr Happy

It's not just big crown little crown, some guys have their regiments initials underneath (RMR, PWRR etc) and so the big crown shrinks to make room and then.... you gotta dilema.

And if you think it's tricky between WO2 and Maj.  Try working out if that's a Air Vice Marshall or a Flight Lt coming at you...

Of course, not having worn rank for years.... I don't give a scooby now.  Just a smock, a smile and a jaunty attitude.