DPM kit and other bits and bobs up for grabs


I have some kit for sale. Some issue, and regrettably, some web-tex pikey imitation PLCE. Which I'm ashamed to admit to having. Never used it though!

What I'm selling as follows:

- S95 DPM Lightweight Jacket (AKA a 'shirt')- Size 170/96. Well ironed. Good nick. No tears/ rips etc £5.
- S95 DPM Trousers- Size 83/84/100. Same condition as shirt. £5.

- Web tex utility pouch x2. £6
- Web tex water bottle pouch £7
- Web tex yoke (used and has my name on it, but it's faded) £4

Web-tex gen: they're not great if you're up against IR kit because you'll light up like a Christmas tree. But for airsofters and cadets they're great.

- I am also selling an issue sleeping bag sized medium. Now I wouldn't mail this because it would cost an absolute bomb. But if you're in the Leicester/ Notts/ Derby area an agreement to get it to you could be made. The strap on the bottom has broke and it was slept in once- in the back of my car on the way to France. There's no compression bag because you don't need one! Will sell for £25.

- I also have 3 of those retro OG bayonet frogs that I'll flog for £3 a piece.

Message me if you want any info/ want to buy. Postage will depend on where you are and size of package but I will keep it to a minimum!
If there's anyone in a BFPO/ overseas address or some isolated barn in Scotland then I won't ship!

Paypal only.


p.s. purchases of multiple items may be able to have a little deal cut ;)


Why the **** are you selling your 1157 and some Webtex shite on here?!

Just sell it on eBay with the prefix "Genuine SAS/Para/Commando" and the walts will lap it up.


I've sold some old carp on here before now. I'll put it up on ebay too. The web tex is from my cadet days and I found it in an old box full of more crap that is just cluttering everywhere up!

the last time I did it the stuff was gone within a week plus putting up on ere slightly increases my chances. We all know the walts love a bit of arrse

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