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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by single malt, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. I still have and fit into my 68 Pattern dpm Jacket.Use it to walk the dog, anybody else got kit they still use. My DMS boots gave up the ghost a few years ago. no doubt someone on here will still have their Battledress :woot::wtf:
  2. 68 pattern? Is that the one before the unlined job with the rip off pockets? If so yes, and the OG version that preceded it, though TBF that was the one my dad got off a Rockape. I too use the DPM job for dog walking though it seems to have shrunk rather badly...
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  3. osmosis, he parted the red sea did he not:-D
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  4. My arctic socks gave up the ghost only last year and they were issued in 1995. I'd even been wearing them as opposed to the traditional use of achieving some 'Welsh' action.

    2 x towels, green, sandpaper still going strong as my gym towels - at least one of which was issued at Glencorse in 1988!
  5. I still have a brass buttonstick,....but if truth were told I never use it.
  6. Yep, still got my '68. Usually wear (wore) it for dog walking in bad weather. It's in the shed now, next to the Arctic Parka. There's a 91 dessie shirt and a helmet with desert cover that the kids used to like wearing, plus a whole clothing store in the attic
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I've got one of those modern lofts which are red hot in summer and stone cold in winter - for some reason it makes my clothes shrink. can anyone explain this ?
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  8. Not sure if this stamps me out as a wah but I still wear my old 1976 issued DPM jacket whilst lurking in the woods and similar places and I also still use my Respirator case. These days it seems to be always full of bog roll, pilchards, chocs, camera, sticky tape, jack knife, couple of shot gun shells and the like and nearly forgot, why the hell can't I walk like a normal civvy.
    I still heel walk backwards and my night vision is maintained, well whats left of it whenever required etc. I guess this either makes me fuckin dangerous or a sad twwaaaaaaaaat! Fcukit: Where's my tablets!!:blush:
  10. Bumped into local TA Col(retd) a couple of months ago. He was wearing an old DPM jacket, I thought colours looked paler than more recent DPM, and not through washing. Something looked different anyway. Am I right?
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I still have several sets of NBC suits in their plastic packs. Its an emergency clothing pack, not for any unexpected nuclear explosions or Sarin being released in the Yorkshire dales, but when every item of my clothing is totally wet through and there is no chance of it being dried before closing time, the seal has been broken and the NBC suit has served its purpose.

    My ex-wife threw out my old DPM jacket. The cow.

    Weirdly enough, just three years ago I was in a little shopping/ covered market area just opposite the Partizanskaya metro station in Moscow, and there was a stall in the market which had ex-military kit. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, thoroughly expecting to find ushanka hats and other delights. The weird thing was that they had genuine 68 pattern DPM jackets, and DMS boots and DPM goretex jackets, at silly prices. I got a goretex DPM jacket at 30 quid. My mrs, being Russian, couldnt really understand why I did not haggle the market stall owner down to about 20 quid, but most of all, she really did not understand why I wanted to buy a British army jacket in Moscow.
  12. I have a falklands parka that i got back in 89.I use it during the winter here in new zealand when out and about.
    I don't use the inner as it gets to warm.still in very good nick.
  13. So were the Russians making exact copies of this gear, or did they obtain it through the usual channels?
  14. There were, I think, 3 distinctly different shades of the '68 - The green you'd expect, one that had a kind of almost bluish tinge, and one that was a touch gingery. Then allow for slight variations different batches.

    I'm guessing different contractors
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  15. Still wear the old green socks every day, look very dapper with my Jesus creepers. DPM respirator case for my industrial face mask. MOD survival knife gets used weekly when locating moles too. Green towl in the back of my van. Loads of other kit to be going at someday.