dpm housewife, boot polishing kit

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by easy_rider, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. i have recently ordered a housewife and boot polishing kit from militarykit.com and was wondering whether i should use the dpm bags or change them. As i dont know if they are the right kind of camo?
  2. What these ones?

    If so they are fine.

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  3. brilliant thanks!
  4. Get rid of that polish though, replace it with kiwi :D
  5. wrong kind of camouflage?

    Are you taking the piss here fella? It's a housewife ffs; it will hardly be doing CTR on its own will it...
  6. Wrong kind of polish for sure. Use anything but Kiwi and live to regret it.
  7. Kiwi the one and only for balls blackening of.
  8. FFS! This has got to be a Wah!
  9. I didn't want to be the one who said it but if somebody wants to have a Gucci boot blackening kit who I am to criticise. It's their money and it's doing nobody any harm.

    A placcy bag always did the job for me though.
  10. Indeed GDav, rather a young chap spend his money on DPM kit rather than crack :D
  11. The wah of all wah's surely.

    Make sure you get your DPM wash roll aswell for them overnight OP's when you just cant resist a quick shower!!!
  12. Good point, but there are other things apart from crack:

    Questionable ladies of horizontal refreshment.
    More booze
  13. Is that the genuine SAS sewing kit. I hear you can choke a man with the thread!
  14. Also the buttons can double up as a throwing ninja type star :D

    Be fair though folks, this fella is keen, may be a cadet, if he wants to make sure his kit is correct then fair play.
    My boot cleaning stuff is kept in a very fashionable waterproof bag, by that designer label, you know, the one that also make things that go bang :D
  15. No, it's the SBS's .
    You can wave with the orange scissors when in distress at sea. :wave: