DPM headover

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank_6275, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. have seen somewhere an american pattern style DPM headover anyone know where i can find one?? ive tried most the big suppliers
  2. No, why the fuck do you want one anyway?
  3. eh cause theyre meant to be more comfortable and more useful that the issue ones
  4. a chocolate fireguard is more useful that the issue one, hardly a reason to buy something!
  5. Yeah fair one mate, I too find dpm kit far more comfortable than og. :frustrated:
  6. How is it more use, does it double up as a stretcher?
  7. I never thought I'd see a headover after phase 1 kit issue, now people BUY them? The mind boggles... :shakefist:
  8. not really so much of a headover more like a neck scarf that you can pull up over your face. made from different fabric and more stretchy, can be worn like a bandana or round your neck and up to cover over ur nose for topcover etc.
  9. [​IMG]

    If you want to look like this crack on.
  10. no thats a bandana! not what i said
  11. Going by that description, if thats what you want from this DPM headover, why not stick with the tried and tested shemagh? You will look a lot less of an Arrse with it.
  12. Lol sorry mate, if you really want one google image search for 'camo face mask'. They do seem to be neoprene mostly, if you want it for covering face i'd suggest you just use a shemagh or sweatrag cos its gonna get sweaty and snotty. If you just want it to look Gucci save your cash.
  13. yeah but ill look even more of a walt retard when i dont actually manage to tie up the shermagh properly. hence why im lookin for a simple slide over your head thing
  14. Its not a fucking sari mate!


    Not hard now is it?
  15. There's nothing wrong with the woollen headover. It was one of the most essential pieces of kit I ever had in pre-shemagh days. It was well toasty doing stag - and certainly better than a piece of scrim net.