DPM Gloves?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Monaro, Aug 15, 2006.

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  2. Why on earth would you want a pair of walty gloves like that?
  3. No-one will ever fag at you for wearing black gloves guranteed. What about the pistol grip thats wrong anyway?
  4. Please enlighten me as to how the SA80 pistol grip causes 1st degree burns?

  5. Why don't you knit yourself a pair? Then while your at it sew some old socks onto the sleeve ends of your combat jacket. Cool!!!!!
  6. Whats wrong with the issue black ones? How on earth can you burn yourself on the pistol grip. Admittedly the handguard can get hot after putting a few hundred rounds through it but in my experience such opportunities are very few and far between.
    Do you need a piece of sponge for your bayonet as well in case you cut yourself :D
  7. What the?? This has to be a joke, DPM gloves! and the 1st degree burns from the pistol grip sounds like balls aswell!
  8. Burning yourself on a sa80 :? Guess SF isnt for you (thats sustained fire
    gpmg not special forces ).Those gloves are gayer than a gay thing though
    and you can probably get some cheaper at the local market.
  9. Delete thread - responses from *******
  10. So your weapon handling is utter sh*te and you think 'cool as f*ck' DPM gloves are going to help? 8O

    Stick to online games/airsoft :roll:

  11. 1. Are you a girl?

    2. Yanks, yes they would wear them wouldn't they.
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  13. Seriously, stick to online gaming - you clearly don't have a clue.

  14. Do you think split-crotch DPM undercrackers will help stop the chafing I get on me knacker sack? Do you want to see a picture of that? The pus has almost dried up now.
  15. Delete thread - responses from *******