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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gook, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Anybody know how to get hold of military fabrics? The genuine stuff, not just anything that will make you light up like a Christmas tree through night vision!

    Lightweight (shirt material), Ripstop (jacket material), Gabardine (SAS smock material), Goretex and NBC suit material would all be welcome in both DPM and Desert Cam. Also if anyone knew where you can get spare buttons, zips, the green ribbon-like stuff etc that would be useful too.

  2. I know many clothing stores are a bit strapped of kit, but I don't think it's got so bad you have to make your own has it?
  3. Nah there is uniform around, its just I reckon if I could get a field jacket made up, but in shirt material, that would be miles better for hot weather than the shirt, which never has enough pockets and lets in the bugs too easily. And some pockets on the goretex wouldnt go amiss. Just little things like that really.

  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Gook, do you need something made or have you found a sewing machine & want to set up shop ?

    If you need custom kit done at realistic prices, ie not Silverman's or SASS, try Troopers in Colly.
    Ask the Pathfinders what they think of kit made there.
    No problem if you're not in the area as they do a lot of mail-order & send overseas too.

    Phone 01206 511 268
  5. Gook - if you are about to do what Cuts is suggesting, any chance you could knock up a set of DPM pyjamas for me, including rank slides, medals and badges? What sort of price are we looking at? :)
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Darth_Doctrinus is now officially a very, very sick puppy.
  7. Cutaway, Mutineer, thanks, I'll be getting in touch with both of those in the near future...

    Yep I'm just looking for some custom kit to be made-up, but as you said not at daft prices. I know theres a lot of companies out there already doing their own kit, but they do their own versions, not like you can ask for something particular, and they tend to cost the earth! So thanks for the contact info.

  8. Darth I would've thought a DPM kimono or negligee may be more your style?
  9. Just canabalise an old shirt mate. Sew on a couple more pockets on the bottom and reinforce the elbows. As for the goretex, have a look around for the older style jackets with pockets. I managed to get issued one with a wired hood and two chest pockets. There's some kicking about with four pockets with buttons, like a goretex windproof smock basically. Just keep a look out.

    The best thing if you want spare material is just to find a cheap surplus shop and buy some spare clothing.
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    You have to ask though, how long would a jacket made out of lightweight material really last, if it was getting regular use and abuse, the windproofs are easy enough to rip up and mangle. Gore tex with a couple of pockets would be nice, but for that may I suggest a pair of used goretex bottoms, you can pick em up for about 4 quid in some places, then get handy with the needle and thread if you're any good at that sort of thing, if not chances are you know someone who is. Or for a really good job done cheap, find a small shop that does a bit of needlework for people, reckon they'd knock you up a set of pockets how you want them for about 10, 15 quid, happy days, then if you knackers the jacket, but pockets are ok, take blade to stitchign exchange jacket and reapply to new jacket. But I must ask, why would you want NBC material? Customising that stuff would be ok for exercise I guess, but if you ever had to use that suit for real, you could maybe endanger yourself if you not 100% what you're playing with like. Custom kit is nice though and allows you to get on with your personal way of doing things better. Best of luck, any good inventions you come up with, let us know.
  11. I was just looking to get field jacket made up in lightweight for hot weather, and gabardine for cold weather. Ripstop does well for most of the time, but the shirts dont really have enough pockets or keep the bugs out, and I always thought with the windproof smock, who on earth uses the hood, you dont get those useful zips on the chest, and you probably pay a LOT for the "SAS" name. The more I think about it, pockets on goretex are going to be difficult because you will have to tape the seams to stop the water getting in though.

    Re the NBC kit I wasnt serious about really using this. But have you ever asked yourself, why the hell do we have NBC smock and trousers? A coverall would definitely be better, no chance of it riding up and exposing you then, as well as chemical vapours evaporating would get under the hem of the smock. The Spams have coveralls now and I cant see why we shouldnt? If they did them in DPM and Brit Desert then I would try and get hold of a set - they also have desert goretex, now why shouldnt British troops get that too, after all Desert Softie is on issue, and that should be underneath your jacket.

    I know what you say about lightweight wearing through but you've got to think a lot of guys are wearing that right now, shirts and all trousers, and it does the job. I've never worried about my field clothing looking worn (as long as it isnt faded white!) and if it rips, I just sew it up and patch it.

    These are just a couple of ideas I'm floating, feel free to tell me I'm talking utter $hit... I've always experimented a bit though so I see no harm in trying new things, seeing what works and what doesnt... Sabres idea of adding more pockets to a shirt sounds good though, and I know a few places do button-in goretex liners that would turn a SAS smock into a waterproof.

  12. 307

    307 War Hero

    Your idea about the NBC coveralls sounds spot on to me to be honest mate, and unless any NBC instructors come on and give a reason why they'd be unsuitable you should put it forward to GEMS, cause if you don't I will!
  13. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    How do you sh!t with a coverall?