Discussion in 'RLC' started by al_5780, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Come on the Posties
    if your in UK or oversea's
    say hello and lets reunite
  2. Ex-class 1 postie spent time at duss,JHQ,Guthersloh,B'feld,Fally,Hohne and Mt sect section at Mill Hill :p
  3. You two must be the only 2 male PC Ops left in the RLC, seeing as it's full of carpet munchers nowadays. :eek:

  4. Always was full of munchers mate :roll: and better make that one Male Pc Op I'm Driver trade now mate

  5. lolol... what could you not hack the hectic schedule of the stamp lickers?

  6. Na the lure of Civ Div got too strong a STAB now mate :D
  7. Oh well.....

  8. Yes come on all you posties, because I want to find out who the thieving f*cker is that keeps nicking my Amazon Parcels! Can't be you Al as your posted now!
  9. hahhahhahaa
    sorry fell of my chair
    well monkey spunk those DVD's you ordered are shite so
    i sold em on ebay
  10. Can't believe that a postie would nick amazon, thats so bad. I've never done anything like that, no really that would be so wrong!!!

    Al, u off to the 6's in sept. Dont know who you are, so will have to get bladdered and ask everyone!!!
  11. If anyone has an up to date email address or general info on an old mate, Postie Sgt G*** Q********, Cyprus 1990, I'd appreciate a PM.

    Thanks fellas.
  12. Postal vermin, always late and stuff always missing!!!
  13. :eek: Nothing like constructive criticism, and that was nothing like constructive criticism :D .

    Without going into tech cr*p, :? try packing the stuff correctly and the chances are you wont be dissappointed when it arrives with you.

    As for stuff missing, speak to the NCO IC.
  14. Is it true you "Pats" get some very exotic postings that others may not even get a sniff at?

  15. You've got the normal Germany ones, then various NATO HQ around NWE not forgetting Diego Garcia or Brunei or Kathmandu. So there are some cracking BFPO's to go to.

    But there's just as many 'normal' offices and dets, including Telic and Herrick and Oculus.