Dozy Tourists!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by paulyb102, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Are there any lakes in the Lake District? Is Wales closed during the winter? In what month is the May Day demonstration? These are just some of the bizarre questions dealt with by staff on a daily basis at one of Britain's busiest tourist centres. Staff at the Britain & London Visitor Centre on Regent Street in London have been left scratching their heads at some of the lost-in-translation queries they receive at the help centre.

    One visitor wanted to know: "What is the entry fee for Brighton?"

    Another asked: "Do you have any information on (former Page 3 girl) Samantha Fox?"

    It is not known what mode of transport was envisaged by the person who wondered: "Can I get to Jersey any other way apart from sea or air travel?"

    Unimpressed by the planning behind royal homes, one tourist wanted to know: "Why on earth did they build Windsor Castle on the flight path of Heathrow?"

    Other geographically-challenged queries included: "What Tube line runs to Edinburgh?"

    While tourism officials were able to keep a straight face and answer most of the off-the-wall questions, some queries were so surreal they left staff speechless.

    Encounters could be just as strange north of the border at the help centres of VisitScotland, where questions from tourists included: "Is Edinburgh in Glasgow?"

    Another tourist wanted to know: "What time of night does the Loch Ness monster surface and who feeds it?"
  2. arrse hole
  3. And the point to this witty, drawn out thread is?
  4. as i said arse hole
  5. something has got to go in it surely:S
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Don't these tourist indiectly pay your salary? Quit your whining or get out of that business!

    Yes, tourist can and do ask dumb questions, tour guides from many countries could come up with even dumber questions then you have cited from as many countries that are visited, around the world, to include mine the USA!

    So what!

    T_W = Sometime Tourist ;)
  7. Now there is an idea. :)
  8. If these idiots didn't keep coming back with mindless drivelling Q's you'd be out of a job sunshine.
  9. Trip Wire,
    I'm glad I managed to get hold of someone from USA. I was watching a great American movie called Jurassic Park this Christmas, and I have just got to know; how did they get the dinosaurs to do all those tricks? Whoever trained them was a fcuking genius!

  10. haha quality :lol:
  11. With reference to trip wire

    Don't these tourist indiectly pay your salary? Quit your whining or get out of that business!

    I derive my income from nothing that relates to tourism directly, this is just a news item gleaned from the pages of Yahoo, we are all tourists of some sort or another, if we ever go on holiday that is!

    I have never used one of those tourist offices and probably will never use one either!

    Some of those comments are just plain brainless and are therefore amusing
  12. Came across more than a few fellow Brits wandering around Seattle wondering where the White House is ?!!

    Try finding your way around Tokyo - minimal command of the language; unable to read most signs etc, and then come back and tell us how many of the Japanese who helped you (and they will!!) insult you as "dozy" for choosing to take your holiday in their country, travelling all that way, and spending money in their economy!

    Personally, have always found Laanden slightly confusing (and I know it well) - mainly on account of the numerous irritatingly arrogant little tw*ts who know nothing, think they know it all, and believe they have a god given right to mock & try to rip-off anyone who isn't "wan uv yer awn, innit!".
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I found my way around Tokyo and most other cities in Japan. I was stationed there in Japan for three years. (47 to 49) I found most people there to be helpful and friendly, especilly the women. :) I really liked Japan in those days. :wink:

    Actually, I had a Brit friend, from the Para Regiment, who called me from Washington, DC and said I'm at the airport, could you pick me up? I said at SeaTac? He said no Dulles. I said, you'll have to fly
    on to SeaTac (3,000 +) miles more before I can do that! :roll:

    I felt really bad about this, I would have loved to see and entertain him and his wife!

    A lot of Brit's fail to realize how big the USA is.
  14. As a Northwesterner, that is one of the most common ones I get from foreign visitors :lol:
  15. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I guess we misunderstood your comments.

    My wife and I are both retired, we travel a lot and of course become tourist when doing this. My wife spent 40+ years with NWA, in Reservactions so she could be counted in those that help tourist, etc.

    We used to fly (On airline passes.) a lot, but seldom use her unlimited passes now, because you must fly standby and Retirees are at the bottom of the priority pass list.

    My wife has decided she likes to cruise, so we're doing at least two cruises a year on the Princess Cruise line. I have gotten so I enjoy the cruise vacations as well.

    Of course, we have taken the guided tours offered by the cruise lines. We find that the guides for the most part, are well informed on there tour sites as well as general data on country, etc. We enjoy the tours and some of the individual tour guides personalities.

    Yes, I have heard a few stupid questions and poor behavior by fellow tourists; however, for the most part good questions and answers are provided. (I recently had to address a fellow tourist about talking so loud on her cell phone, that she was over riding the tour guides comments.) I told her I was not paying to hear her stupid personal phone conversation, etc.

    A lot of tourist are elderly and for a lot of them, the first vacation out of their country. Many were not well educated to start with and tend to ask, what we might consider dumb questions, etc.

    I say give them some slack! :wink: