Dozens die in Iraq car bomb blast redux

No, it's not yesterday's car bomb, it's another one :cry:

In one of the bloodiest 24 hours since the war in Iraq ended, a second suicide bomber has killed dozens of Iraqis working for the US-led coalition.
Up to 47 people died in the latest attack - a car bomb detonated outside an army recruiting centre in Baghdad
But remember, like that Spam Colonel said the other night , it's nothing like Northern Ireland

Well apart from

Car Bombs
Normal Bombs
Command detonated Roadside Bombs
2 sides itching for civil war
One side pointing fingers and saying the other side gets it all
Foreign influence stirring the pot
Innocents getting blown to buggery
Money and Arms pouring in from all over
Racketeering and Drugs

No, it's nothing like Northern Ireland

We tried it your way Rummy/Wolfowitz/Condospellingmistake and the rest of the cabal, now maybe you want to try it our way?

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