Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by SpeckledJim, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. I'd be interested to hear from anybody who has a rugrat at DOYRMS. We've all but made our minds up to take ours out at the end of term. The feedback we're getting from our daughter gives the impression that dorm life is something between St. Trinian's and Fagans den, and having heard the language during a recent visit, you'd would have thought that the girls had their own rugby team. I'm not convinced by the party-line trotted out by the Matron either, still it would be interesting to hear other views.
  2. A neighbour of mine has two boys there and they don't have any problems, However, they do play rugby. There could be a big difference between boys and girls.

    Not an easy decision - good luck.
  3. My daughter enjoys it there.
  4. I live near the school and it has a good reputation in the local area. I don't know what that is based on though. Good luck!
  5. PM sent...
  6. hey

    i got to DOYRMS

    it is a really good school and i enjoy it sooo much

    evoryone will love it


  7. Sack the English teacher perhaps?
  8. I think that will go straight over her head.... :D :D

    He/she has used the past tense, the present tense and the future tense all in one paragraph - of sorts. He/she will go far!

    ...and the further the better!

  9. I go to DOYRMS also and am in my fifth year at the school about to enter the Sixth form. Although the school isn't for everyone, and has certain aspects which may seem unnecessary for some. I believe that the school is much more than just a school and other than offering quite literally hundreds of extra curricular opportunities it builds friendships which will last for life. I disagree with the comment that the school is bad and the comment about the bad language may be true, but too be honest I think the language at our school is likely to be much tamer and nicer than that of many other schools you would come across. The dorm life is an experience and you either hate it or you love it, but I for one love the school and feel very privileged to be a member of such a community.
  10. Headperson, or member of staff :?
  11. Hope not: "...but too be honest I think the language at our school..."
  12. I was at DYRMS and would recommend it, but that was a good few years ago and pre-co-ed.

    I have friends whose kids are there now (girls) and have nothing but good things to say.

    And, when I was there, Sac was a language teacher, not English :D
  13. I work here and I would be very keen to answer any concerns you may have about the school. I will of course treat them with strict confidence. thank you.
  14. member of staff, check the user name???
  15. Oh right! Failed WO1 who couldn't make the grade at RD.