Doxycycline: side effects worse than the condition?

Been prescribed this for a chest infection (penicillin allergic; anaphylaxis). Loading dose of 200mg, now 100mg daily for six days. Feel awful - nausea, headache, aching limbs. Is this down to the antibiotic or the chest infection?
Why not ask your GP? Opinion on here is hardly likely to be authoritative.
Probably the antibiotic - I had to take a course of it a little while back and I felt rougher than a badger's arse. Sunlight made me feel even worse. Horrible muck.
The very thought of alcohol makes me want to barf!!! The chest infection was mild in comparison.
Thanks for the help guys............back to GP in am, armed with the list of side effects.
As a patient, you have a choice - take the pills (capsules) or take the pain.
You might shake of a chest infection with paracetamol and lots of fresh fruit and veg but if your GP has gone to the bother of getting his/her precription pad out it suggests you warrant flooding your system with posh mold.

Yes I'd MTFU

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