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Downton Half Marathon Sunday 27th Nov

Running - yes or no ?

  • Only way to maintain fitness - AND makes you a better lover!

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  • overated - running is for wimps

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  • Will if I have to

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  • Why run if theres a taxi available?

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  • God I loathe gym queens and club swingers!

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Book Reviewer
You missed a good run Flowers....no snow, cool but not frosty, about 160 starters. I got round in 2:01, which is a bit slow but
(list of excuses to follow, with which I will bore nobody)......one couple from Dublin, another from Dover, some guy from Monmouthshire....I'm constantly amazed how far people are prepared to travel for this kind of thing.

The winner got round in a not-too-dusty 1:11:08.......some young feller with wings on his hat in a toga wearing shades, Merc something

....( barsteward kids these days) :wink:

When's the LAND XC ? ARRSE Veterans team entry ?

Le Chevre

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