Downside of No Smoking in Scottish pubs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Auld-Yin, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The ban on smoking in public places is now fully in place in Scotland. There are many plusses for non smokers such as myself, increasing the time on earth that I will be paying tax to this (and future Gubments), making the beer taste of, well, beer, having a good laugh at the smokers standing in the pouring rain for their 'fix'.

    However, there is a downside to all this pleasure. Now that the pub does not reek of tobacco (in most instances) smoke it is becoming more evident that beer is full of gas and that gas returns to the atmosphere following due process. No longer can anyone hide the fact that they have slipped out a quiet one - it immediately becomes apparent to an ever widening audience. The looks of innocence on some of the faces of the guilty is a sight to behold.

    So the experiment in non-smoking is not all sweetness and light. Be warned those who wish to venture to our beautiful country, that a cloud now hangs over the drinking populace. :cry:

    I thank you.
  2. Has anyone done a study to work out how human gaseous emissions may affect our lifespan? Apart from smell and embarrasment the only disadvantage is that methane (a consituent of wind) is a greenhouse gas 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Perhaps with less smoking there'll be more drinking?
    Quite honestly I'd rather smell the natural emissions from the backside of a close friend than choke on the trailing smoke of some arrse stood next to me... but that's just me
  3. There is another downside. Rancid porridge gobblers will live longer! :(
  4. Don't worry, if Lung Cancer doesn't kill them heart disease from deep fried Mars Bars and deep fried everything will. Failing that liver damage from whiskey or getting knocked over by a car whilst drunk on whiskey damage will get them :p
  5. You also forgot overdosing on smack!!!

  6. I thought that was only the Glasweigens (spelling?)??? Overdosing on crack and then having their babies die and crawl across the ceiling when they're going cold turkey... *shudder*
  7. I just don't see the problem with smoking. My drinking has always got me in a lot more trouble than my smoking!!!
  8. Yeah, but when you are being trouble you don't taste like an ashtray :D :D :D although boardmaker (vodka) or stale beer can be almost as bad...

    Anyway, there's "drinkaware" so you can make sure you only have one drink a night and don't have drunken squaddies take advantage after you've piddled in the gutter (you can still smoke while doing that... right?) :D
  9. Only if it's deep fried smack.
  10. Anyway, there's "drinkaware" so you can make sure you only have one drink a night and don't have drunken squaddies take advantage after you've piddled in the gutter (you can still smoke while doing that... right?)

    So, that's ok, then.
  11. Well, Auld-Yin, I am as you ken fine weel, an inveterate smoker - and in any case the debate is so polarised I do not propose to argue here.

    I would, however offer the following observations from my village:

    On Sunday I went to my local, loyalty to my friends outweighing even my addictive personality. The hordes of chanting non-smokers had singularly failed to show up.

    I was out again tonight. Sunday may have been an abberation, but tonight there was me and the duty tobacco fascist. He spent the night complaining about the amount of fresh air I let in when I went outside for my puff. WTF!!

    Oh, and given the amount of winging on the Current Affairs boards about the loss of freedom for (insert hobby-horse); how does everyone feel about living in a country with secret fag police checking urinals for dog-ends and anonymous, "Enforcement Hotlines" - think about that for a minute ( and their £18000 salary)?

    I also offer this, from another thread:

    Don't think it won't happen - now.

    And finally, being a victim of passive driving, I checked the Scottish Executive casualty figures for RTAs. Puts things in perspective a bit.

    Anyway, by lunchtime today, I shall be in Holland. I believe they are still a liberal democracy.
  12. When they banned smoking in Ireland I got a bit of a shock. Nightclubs began to smell of....people...a rancid mix of BO, brut and fart. Went into a pub in here in Scotland today. It absolutly reeked of all kinds of nastiness. As a smoker I can see the point of banning smoking. I just wish they'd make some sort of legislation to de-stink public places.