Downright stupid badges/logos.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiffy_Massive, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Have a look at this photo of some Matlots on Defence net posing in their new combat uniform. Looks very much like PCS but its blue and they are wearing it tucked in. Thats not the most interesting thing about the photo though.
    Have a good look at the HMS Daring ships badge behind them on the funnel. It shows an arm being put into a blazing basket. So is it saying that the crew are well hard nut jobs or are they muppets?

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  2. What other daft badges or logos are out there?
  3. .
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  4. Putting your arm into a burning basket? That's very daring of them...
  5. REMF shit cunts cutting around in t shirts with 'Taliban hunting club' or 'Only God can judge them, well just arrange the meeting' badges sewn onto the tit, if I may ....

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  6. I think the DZ flash looks great.
  7. The badge is clearly a reference to Gaius Mucius Scaevola, who according to repute, tried to off one Lars Porsena when the latter was besieging Rome. The Emperor (Mong, not Caesar) having lent a hand with the planning, he killed the poor sod who did Porsena's accounts by mistake.

    Captured and sentenced to death by fire, he responded by putting his right hand into the fire and holding it there till it was burned off. Then told Porsena that another 300 Romans just as nails as himself had taken an oath to carry out the assassination he himself had failed in.

    Porsena had a bit of a think, let him go and then decided to open peace talks with Rome.
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  8. WTF is going on with having those chod badges sewn on uniform, even if it is field kit? There was some red arrse dripping on here about how being told to remove them was poor for morale.
  9. The arm is reaching into the fire to recover the iron, so them taggy cunts can press their kit.
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  10. Its wierd, the t shirts are fair enough as a novelty, I bought a couple, but getting some cash from the pay office and having it handed over by a porky clerk in a 'Taliban hunting club' t shirt is pretty strange, especially when the sign on the door says 'open at 10:00am' and the fat cunt had us hanging about in the corridor until quarter past.
    I know everyone plays their part but I used to love observing the huge polarity between the different types of troops, although in fairness you could only ever have an unhurried and undisturbed power wank in the heads at Bastion/Kandahar.
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  11. The hand in the fire logo clearly depicts Gwar fisting. It's like a rite of passage before you get your shiny new baseball cap.
  12. Choppered into Bessbrook Mill from Belfast early '90s
    Greeted with "paddy don't surf" all around the heli pads!

    Toe curlingly embarrassing, the originator of that little 'gem' needs to be rogered by the entire Afghan National Army
  13. It looks like PCS because it is PCS as for wearing it tucked in, if that is how tha Navy has said to wear it fair one. It is the CGS that has told us to wear it out and down. Funnily he has nothing to do with the Navy.

  14. It's not daft.

    Just embarrassing.
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  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I didn't have any problem with wanking at FOBs, MOBs or PBs. I was hurling my DNA around the place several times a day and there wasn't an occasion when I was either hurried or disturbed.
    There were of course others who became disturbed, usually when they walked in on me ripping the end off it, but it never put me off my stroke.

    Back on the subject of badges & t-shirts, I'm sure there's some mathematical formula which doesn't just work out the warriness of shirt in inverse proportion to the distance from cheekiness, but factors in both the blubber levels of the base rats and the absurdity of their avoidance of phys excuses.
    Any non-REMF formula geeks out there ?