Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by imported_admin, Jan 23, 2002.

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  1. We've now got loads of JCSC essays and other guff.  Can I have some opinion on whether it is worth publishing these on the downloads or stick to more general odds and sods.  

    (next to go on are a variety of forms from DGD&D's CD.  ATFAs, blank CRs and more general forms would be useful too if anyone's got them).
  2. I've got a load of stuff - I'll see what I can do. CR's for Offrs are changing anyway but I may have something for OR's
  3. Has anyone got a beep test they can download - indeed any phys stuff?

    Not for me..honest.

    For my lax team don't ya know!
  4. RTG,

    Sorry don't have any downloads but we just got posters for a new fitness website. It's a 13 week (ish) programme to get you fit for BPFA and as a basis for further development.

    It's designed for TA bods with too little time of their own so isn't too demanding hence 13 weeks.

    Click on the following link: Get Fit TA
  5. You got a front door? Open it.