Downloading XP

HI all.

Rebuilding my PC (old one that can't run vista) and I have lost my XP disks.

Trying to do it reasonably swiftly, so is there anywhere I can download (LEGALLY) XP?

I can't seem to find anywhere on the microsoft site. But seeing as most software can be downloaded now, and put on disk locally, just wondered if microsoft had followed this route also?
It is not illegal to download the XP disc. You can do this at any torrent or P2P site. When you purchace the authentic windows disc, it is not really the contents you are paying for. It is the serial number (the 5 blocks of 5 letters and numbers.... sorry if thats a bit grandma-egg-suck). This can be bought for around £30 from microsoft direct. Ubuntu is a great operating system, but means re-learning where everything is!
ubuntu is good and works on nearly every pc especially older ones. XP can be downloaded all over the net but not legally.
not all xp disc's match up with serial numbers i.e. OEM.

OR ANOTHER EXAMPLE if your original copy of xp did not have sp1 on it and you tried to install a copy of xp which has sp1 the serial number may not match up with it.
what you could try if this happens is when it asks to activate xp phone microsoft and explain you have lost disc but still have serial key they may help you out
chocolate_frog, sent you a PM earlier regarding XP Disc.


Ah, just seen you read it but have not bothered with a reply, no problem :) .

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