Downloader programme for YOUTUBE

Any programmes that will download Channel 4/5 off youtube.

Realplayer and Youtube Downloader won't do it(certain videos are blocked)

What program were you trying to download ?
Sothink web downloader
You can do the "ss" trick - on the address bar, where it says something like: (( insert ss after the www. like so: (( This bounces your page to a downloading programme (Rapidshare) and downloads it for you. Don't know how secure it is, though.

Alternatively, using Google Chrome, activate the Ultimate Youtube Downloader, which is excellent. Can't be used with any other browser, I don't think.
Free Download Manager,

works for me
Yeah, realplayer and ytd are crappy.
I prefer to download through my browser. It's called Torch browser and it has an integrated video downloader, so it works good with youtube and facebook. I'm sure that it's a good solution for you.
Iuse firefox, it can download from any tube site. There is also youtube downloader, which is handy and can convert vidoes, so you can ever stick it on your mobile. Firefox has a special little set of balls symbol, I think red, blue and yellow. Click on them and it downloads for you. Remember firefox is free to download and install.

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