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I was wondering if there were any fellow arrsers going. Its my first time going to a festival and was wondering what its like there, what kind of gear to bring eg should i bring hexi and mess tins or get dissposable BBQs there, what kind of shops are in the area etc any info would be appriciated


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Ah, you mean Donnington. Blimey, not been there in years! Not got my bike now, does that mean one can still go?
And will Joe Loss and his Orchestra be playing?
I can't see Joe Loss in the line-up, but stands a chance as there's a veritable dinosaur fest going on.

ACDC, Aerosmith, Megadeth, Motorhead, Billy Idol...

As far as kit:
tent - cheap as you can as it'll get nicked / wrecked / burnt to the ground unless you're on the 'family' campsite.
ditto for sleeping bag, air beds etc. leave it all behind when you leave!
stoves - gas and liquid were banned last year. Hexi is fine and disposable bbqs were on sale in the stalls / supermarket.
food - stalls everywhere catering for every drunken whim.
booze - take what you like on the campsites - no cans or bottles in the arena. plenty for sale at moderate rip-off outside the arena to 'fcuk me how much?' prices at the bars inside.

It's usually a bit of lick from parking to the campsites - worth paying the extra tenner and going down on the Wednesday night before it starts to get a good pitch. Make a couple of trips to and from your motor.

You will see a trail of broken trolleys and whining students littering the paths by Friday. By Saturday you may end up next to the bins or the portaloos.

Security is pretty good during the day, ok in the evenings but it's a bit dog eat dog at night. You'll get p1ssed up teenagers falling over your guy-lines, shouting and screaming til all hours and plenty of punch-ups.

Sad as it sounds, try to plan who you want to see and look at the site map. There are gaps between bands but ten thousand other people will also be moving around from stage to stage at the same time as you.

Don't be a tw@t and get stupidly pissed up in the sunshine. You will suffer especially if you carry the Gwar gene.
Don't hit on the tasty bird next door without making sure she doesn't have the Hulk as a boyfriend. No fun in the rain looking up through the shredded roof of your tent.

To be honest though, I've loved every single festival I've ever been to. I've been taking my lad and his mates for the last three or four years and never felt that worried at Download.

Sunday night can get a bit tasty, but Plod were all over the place last year.
I camped last year and by Saturday lunchtime it looked like a 50 acre student flat.

I am in a hotel this year for he simple reason that I can :D
Not a gwar but will prob be going light on the beer through the day at least. Will be flying in on the Wednesday morning where are the best pitches? in the middle to be as far away from random traffic as possible but a long slog from everything or right next to a path somewere? Not overly fussed on the tent, take it or leave it but was thinking of getting half decent snugpak sleeping bags for me and her as she is not a fan of being unconfortable so is it realistic to expect to bring them home? Whats the local area like for picking up food like cans and noodles etc?
Flying back out on the Monday morning, from the sound of Sunday night would we be better heading to the airport for a bit of head down before the flight or is their a chance of sleeping in our tent and not beside a smoldering pile of nylon :?
Did the Donnington thing way back in early 90's, too old for that now although the Mrs is going as she has always wanted to see AC/DC. Used to be a cracking weekend starting off with the all night party at Nottinghams Rock City, stumble out of there then off to Donnington.
Was there last year and went wednesday morning, by friday and the first bands we were dead and the campsite was like downtown bahgdad.

Pretty brilliant though, wish we'd stayed the whole time left about 5pm sunday just to miss the rush and get home as we weren't bothered about any of the bands that night.

Highlight had to be slipknot, billy talent and limp bizkit.

Can't go this year sadly as I start my phase 1 on the 16th of may and don't think I could be excused to go to a festival ^_^
Managed to pull out on the monday morning, tents and sleeping bags intact. Had to carry mrs TRMs pack as her feet were in bits as not used to all the walking. Did anyone else see the madness of the Airbourne front man in the rain?

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