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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Belt_Twit, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good line-up, I am also the proud owner of a weekend camping ticket for many a drunken jape.

    Anyone else here going to be there? If you've not heard about it, 'tis a rock/metal festival. Though they do have some other stuff. Pendulum are playing this year, which should be quite cool.

  2. yeh im going
    ive been the last 3 years
    its always a good weekend
  3. I'll be there with an ex-matelot

    Bring on the beer, the music and the hot goth chicks!!
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  5. Yup, I'll be there, plus mini-me and his uber-chav mate from school.

    Let's hope it's as fcukin' warm as last year and doesn't p1ss down like the last Ozzfest.

    The nippers made a small fortune recycling plastic bottles and beer cups last year. Damn near made a profit on the weekend!

    I really don't need the grief if I forget where I parked, again....

    Look out for the three of us struggling towards the family camping with four slabs of carling each. I'll be the one giving the Brecon point towards the best 'harbour' whilst checking my arcs and dragging a chav and cousin 'It' from the Munsters in close proximity. Listen for the whining as I beast them around the perimeter at o'five early every morning.....

    Do not, repeat DO NOT ever mention the hot Goth chicks around the missus!

    RV at the "Beyoncy" castle anyone?
  6. last year....., :twisted:

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  7. ill be in family camp too cus its nicer and u actually get a tad of sleep and room to stand outside ur tent

    was there last year when some bright spark family decided to have a bbq
    inside their tent
    there were flames
    there were angry wardens and cars with flashing lights
  8. I'll be in the cripple campsite - which involves plenty of space and free tickets!

    Hoping to catch a repeat performance of the young lady last year, who stripped off her skirt and had a w*nk for an encouraging crowd of about 100. And that was on the Friday
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    its art man...
  10. 3 fingers is art,

    4 is downright dirty :twisted: :wink:
  11. don't need to go, if the wind's right i can hear it in my garden :D
  12. Until I checked the date I thought it had already started in the flat downstairs! Inconsiderate little tosspot.

    Napalm Death are more musical than whatever he was playing!
  13. its worth going just to see Airbourne
  14. kiss were super i must say
  15. Kiss have refused to release any new material until downloading music stops. NME news