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I am posting this on behalf of ex serviceman

It's me again on another crusade. SSAFA are trying to purchase a property near Headly Court where seriously injured service men and women wind up for rehabilitation following amputation etc. Needless to say a number of troops and troopesses injured in the Iraq and the 'Stan end up in there. SSAFA want to provide accommodation for the families of the injured so that they can stay close to their loved ones and give them all the support they need in getting through their recovery.

Well, the locals (all stuck up b**tards, with big houses, flash motors and wall to wall polo ponies) are objecting to the planning permission basically saying that the people staying in the house will lower the tone of the neighbourhood.

Subseqyuently I've been banging on to my MP, the Secretary of Defence and the local council to name but a few. Needless to say there's a petition involved - wouldn't be me otherwise would it?!!!!

Here's the link,

Please sign up to it - I would like to think someone would have done it for us had we needed it!
I've signed the petition because I obviously believe it is an excellent idea.

The petition will not make the slightest bit of difference though :(

Would be nice if the petition worked in our favour for a change, headley court is a brilliant place for rehab. It sorted me out after a knee op and there were quite a few blokes there in a bad way from Iraq while i was there and i hate to say it but unfortunately more people will be paying the place a visit due to how bad things are out in Iraq and the Stan these days. Pity you cant go house to house and make the posh w4nkers understand the error of their thinking! :crash: :frustrated: :pissed: So gets my vote,. :salut: :thumright:

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