downing street e-petition to sack Des browne.....


err I mean the one responsible for authorising the sale of the captives stories

background to petition (like anyone here needs it)

Des Browne suffered a severe setback in his battle to survive as Defence Secretary as it emerged that he - and not the Navy - should have taken the final decision on whether freed British hostages could sell their stories to the press.

Downing Street left Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, at the mercy of public opinion yesterday as it agreed to place a petition on its own website that calls for him to be sacked.

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Phoney Tony did not actually know about the decision until after it had taken place.This is the man charged with looking after the country and his finger on the nuclear button.People would misrepresent ! remember the decision to go into Iraq along with the Americans on false intelligence.People acting in good faith!!Now HE thinks we've had days of this now and they really need to move on.What planet is this stupid person from.Remember Tony as you hand over the keys to No10, you will be remembered for your lies, lies and more damned lies.
I do not necessarily think Des Browne is totally at fault although he is incompetent (but then who in the labour party isnt). I agree with Gen Rose that Bliar is the guilty party for the whole mess the military are and have been in, and he should be held to account, as should the navy bods who caused the whole f**K-up in the first place. Des Browne is carrying the can and will probably be forced to fall in his sword to appease the bliarites
It's not a petition to sack Des Browne though is it.

It's a petition to encourage the Government to find a scapegoat. The idea to go contrary to existing policy must have been made at the highest levels.

Am I, and indeed we to seriously to believe that the Prime Minister's interest and briefings on matters concerning the 15 stopped the moment they got on the plane at Tehran International?

So , if the petition said "sack the spin doctors' behind this , I'd be in favour.

If the petition said convene a BOI and the Defence Select Committee I'd be in favour.

Des may get the push ,though more likely a scapegoat will be found, but the spin monkeys will still be in place and those others who continue to exert influence out of all proportion to their position.

Quite aside from this fiasco, the quality of media handling at the Purple Puzzle Palace in recent times is simply rubbish.

When we have to rely on 'Good news stories telling the way it is" from foreign correspondents , instead of MoD pushing the tireless efforts of our colleagues to bring order to chaos non-stop 24-7 , then it's long past time for MoDPR to get an overhaul.

Swiss Des is probably a very nice man , but has appeared out of his depth since taking this role. Give us a Minister, who shows genuine care, concern and enthusiasm for the post.

Someone like Bruce George or John Reid again possibly?
John Reid is not to be trusted! He puts on a convincing "man of the people" act but he will sacrifice anyone and anything to gain or maintain power. He is an old-school Communist steeped in the sleaze of Scottish west-coast political fixing. Other than Bliar - who has the excuse of being genuinely deranged - Reid is the greatest danger to constitutional liberties in this country.