Downing St not above law warn police

There's a saying that mud sticks. The fact that the Police have had to make this warning, and publicly, says a lot about our elected leading party. Shameful New Labour. Other than 'damn, you're ugly', what does Blair think when he wakes each morning? :skull:


"I hold it to be the duty of the Commissioner of Police, as it is of every chief constable, to enforce the law of he land. He must post his men that crimes may be detected; and that honest citizens may go about their affairs in peace. He must decide whether or not suspected persons are to be prosecuted, and, if need be, bring a prosecution or see that it is brought, but in all of these things, he is not the servant of anyone, save of the law itself. No minister of the Crown can tell him that he must, or must not, keep observation on this place or that or that he must, or must not, prosecute this man or or that one. Nor can any police authority tell him so. The responsibility for law enforcement lies on him. He is answerable to the law and the law alone."

Per Lord Denning: R v Metropolitan Police Commissioner ex parte Blackburn (No3) (1973) QB 241 at p163

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