Downie finds out she is famous outrage


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Tearful Heidi Crowter has only just been told about the sexual and derogatory comments being made about an innocent picture of her online.

ok you lot who tole her !! I know its only the sun but she cant have read it ...
Im sure most of you have seen the "I can count to potato image" knocking about the internet, well it seems the unwitting star of that has only just found out her internet fame and her parents are not impressed, I know the source is the sun but some of the chav outrage is amusing and I find the whole thing childishly hilarious
Web trolls put picture of Down's Syndrome girl on Facebook with vile caption | The Sun |News

Dong...Dong...Dong... Again.


Before the Sun stuck it's oar in, she was just an anonomous piece of "clip-art". She didn't have to be a real person, and as she has aged since her pic was grabbed, she could have passed pretty well unrecognised. Not any more, now they have well and truely blown it. The trolls are geting fed, her name can be exploited along with a more recent pic. The Sun has been pretty irresponsible over this, and no doubt her mother is angling to make some dosh out of it all. Besides why just pick on facebook? That image has been used for longer than she thinks and is on hundreds more sites than just facebook.
Hang on a bit and you will be able to sign out the Omnibus.
Similar, but Mongles rather than Biggles.

I loved the quote from her mum:

“I feel violated and violated on Heidi’s behalf. I’m disgusted that people can be so sick".

Hmmm.... being violated on someone else's behalf ..... Munchausen springs to mind my little munchkin.
Due to the law of unintended consequences she has Once again become the source of amusement
Holy fcuk, I nearly just woke the missus, stifling laughter. That wouldn't have been pretty. That's tragically and ironically funny.

I don't see what the problem is; she's now sat her GCSE's. I'd have thought attaining 'Potato' via the medium of math would have been wholly achievable now.

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