Downhill Mountain Biking

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by timpegasus, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Just wondered if there any/many pax on here into this?

    I m the DH secretary for the Army cycling union and always on the look out to recruit new riders into this side of MTB.

    Any one interested let me know on here or by pm also I m a MIAS mtb instuctor so if anyone needs one for their AT let me know ! :D :D
  2. Tried it on the Brecon Beacons once, Prince Charles Hospital A&E were most undrestanding
  3. I used to do it, until I came off my bike near Afon Argoed, did a very poor Superman impression & crumpled into the ground like wet bag of cement. :oops:
    Broke the ball joint in my shoulder into 3 parts, & also broke my arm away from the ball joint. I now have an 8inch "shark bite" scar on my shoulder to impress the girls. :D

    Downhilling is good fun when it goes right, but when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong.
  4. Just about the same here, the doctor shouting"55 years old are you f*****g mad"
  5. 8) yep but i'm also a stab - AT on the Mega would be good :wink:
  6. Being a stab is fine you can still join ACU!
  7. Not so much downhill as I've only got Swinley Forest near me, which was enough to recently break my elbow playing silly buggers on a technical section designed for jump bikes! The self casevac to hospital was quite interesting!!
  8. If you could send me details of anything DH mountian biking I would be very grateful. Im based in the North East so Ive loads of decent places to go, and I can help with Accomodation etc if you are in my area. Ive got an all mountain bike myself and I cannot justifiy the cash for a DH bike at the moment, However a lift to the top then a ride down the hill appeals to me a damn sight more than the latex wearing fitties that ride up hill. Drop me a pm for details of decent sites etc.
  9. Im very interested in this, i have been looking for a contact number for the dh secretary, but there is no such information on the acu website nor the army website. Im currently based at 28engr regt, hameln, germany. Im riding a 2009 kona stinky and have all the relevant gear, i just need some more enthusiasts to meet up with. There is a strong mountain biking community here but sadly none in this particular discipline. It would be a really great help if you could provide me with any relevant information. It would be ideal if there were other enthusiasts here in germany or if i could help push this underground sport more into the open. I'v researched as much as i could from army websites and magazines but would like to know more.

    thank-you very much for your help and i hope to here from you soon.

    Ben Partridge
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    A bit pointless or me. I live in Cambridgeshite at the moment, and downhill seems to have very little meaning.

    I tend to do more XC in any case, less chance of a serious injury.