Downgrading in the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. As an old bugger I had my PULLEEMS (sp) yesterday and downgraded to P4R (I think that's what it was)

    This was for

    1. High BP
    2. Sciatica

    I'm Not unduly worried as

    1. I had my BP down recently and was fine, I have a tendency to worry about things in medical circumstances and my BP can be all over the place, I can/will get that sorted

    2. The sciatica is pretty much gone through medication, in fact I spoke of it in the past tense but he still did me

    Now the question is does anyone know who this will effect

    a. Exercise
    b. Camp (its quite soon)
    c. PT
    d. Promotion
    e. Mobilisation (not due just interested)
    f. Anything else

    Priority 1 is sorting this but I know that the army practice is slow and god knows when I will get upgraded, just would like to know what P4R actually is

  2. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Medical Deployment standard (this is taken from a DIN) states that P0,P4,P7 (with exceptions) and P8 are Medically Not Deployable. You have to get a AMS type punter to tell you what the R stands for. As for rest of you queries suggest your PSAO is best port of call.
  3. I think, not 100% that the R means "restricted" which I believe means you are restricted in your duties.
  4. Are you sure it was P4, isn't that for pregancy?
  5. For a 'r' deployment, you will have to undertake a pre-deployment medical for 'fit to attend'. You can only deploy to Bastion, or main operating areas, NOT FOBs!
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. M8, if it's any help, I was P7 (seriously fcuked my knee playing Rugby for the Army.............see how quickly the PSAO can run away if your needing help) for a year, followed the med advice, a year later was upgraded to P3 and the doc was happy to sign a chit for fit to attend the CBRNI course, so yes, courses you can most certainly do, I'm going on camp, I can still be mobbed for deployment, but I'm aware that my chances of getting promoted (not that I'm remotely interested) is nil as my own Bn have a strange policy of just not doing it while your biffed. hhmmm dunno about anything else other than letting your unit GTI know just too dot the I's and cross the T's, not a definitive but just wot I've done.
    Now just to swing the P2 medical and I'm ready to fcuk my knee up again playing Rugby for the.................hhhmmmmm maybe not!!!
  8. approx 10 years ago, I was downgraded to LE as asthma had reared it's ugly head. This was given as an excuse for turning down my request to transfer from RAMC to QA's despite my being an RGN with 15 years experience, theatre and an ITU course under my belt.
  9. I thought P4 was Unfit to deploy operationally 'R' Is temporary grading opposed to 'Perm' for permanent downgrading.

    P4 - is Pregnancy according to the link :)
  10. I got downgraded to P3LE Perm because I was diagnosed with night-blindness. That prevented me from transferring across to the QAs to train as a MHN - they wouldn't even accept a letter from the quack saying I would be up-graded on transfer because he didn't think it would be an issue as a QA (whereas it was for a Sapper whose role involved driving).

    Shame they didn't accept his word, because it turns out that they really missed out :)
  11. It was probably because you wouldn't be able to see pies in the dark!
  12. It won't be long before the TA start binning the permanently downgraded altogether, our counterparts are already doing it; continued service is down to the OC's discretion and they may decide to retian biffs "at risk".

    They're already binning future downgrader's courses at Blandford; the final downgraded course due to complete at the end of next week.

    Not a totally bad idea, another money-saving exercise and ensuring that those remaining are fully deployable OR are able to become so after any relevant treatment.
  13. In an ideal world I'd agree, but, and I speak only for myself as a P3 soldier at the minute I'd be more than willing to deploy to do any job the unit thought I could do! to be honest at 36 my days of being a useful Bayonet is gone, but there have to be a shit load of tasks or roles I could be utilised in?
  14. I honestly thought that "Night-Blindness" was an imaginary condition invented by spike Milligan to mock the arrogance of the Army's MO's during WW2.
    A day without learning is a day wasted.

    Whilst a stab myself, I served alongside a private in his early twenties who was probably 5' 9" and 17 stone. BFT times (or whatever the funk it's called now) of 14 mins (a brisk walk?) Snored in harbour like a Taxi ticking over. In an infantry unit FFS!
    I cringed every time he was out in public in uniform, what must the public think at the sight of a soldier who can't his feet past his gut? An embarressment to the army.

    To my astonishment he was cleared to go on Telic. I thought 'Aha! 6 months at 30 degrees c will sweat some lard off him!' Unfortunately his tour turned out to be 6 months polishing his arrse behind the wire, living on pizza hut, curry and daily gallons of chilled full fat coke. He returned fatter than when he left. Still serving. Nice bloke though....
  15. (He stood, corrected, looking sheepish at the back of the room). It is a real condition- Nyctalopia, thanks Google.

    Is it possible to stand corrected, when sitting at a keyboard?