Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by celldweller, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi can anybody please explain what P3R LE means :?

    many thanks

  2. Hi

    did you get downgraded in amedical?

    P3 means slightly lower physical ability, LE means not FE (fully fit) - FE is forward everywher, LE is lines of Comms everywhere. (nearly fully fit).

    does this help ?
  3. If you go onto Armynet the Electronic Library has a copy of the PULHEEMS Manual. There is a table which breaks down the PULHEEMS "code".
  4. What he said :) saves me having to type it!
  5. Or in lay mans terms it means, "Biff" or "Knacker" and also no f*cking hope of getting promoted!!!
  6. Not so ,,,,,, promotion is not automatically stuffed. depends on your circumstances (or it certainly was a few years ago as I was P3LE and was promoted twice)
  7. yeah p3 means your a biff no pt or what you can mange depends if its perm or temp aswell if per then you got life biff chit doesnt matta still get poromotd aswell
  8. Right well it has changed a bit since my day, you could pretty much right off an chances of getting promoted if you were P3LE, so not a bad thing for that to change.

    jarv5116 you must be P7 in spelling, that is awful, too much time on the old text messaging by the looks.
  9. P3 = can breath, under supervision :)
  10. That had to be changed a few years ago along with career courses due to the fact that peoples careers were getting fcuked up, often through no fault of their own.
  11. There seems to be a body of opinion which believes that anyone falling below P2 FE is a "Biff", Flid" "Knacker" etc. A crucial point of note here is that the military do not use these grades to keep people serving out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it to allow the retention of still capable and useful personnel of experience who would otherwise be disposed of as unfit by falling below the P2 FE level. At age 39 I was P7 HO and was exempt BFT and CFT. However, I used to partake in both by choice and not only passed but regularly embarassed many 19 - 21 year old soldiers who were P2 FE and who I would describe as below standard (not Biff or Knacker - see the difference?). Anyone who thought to call me a sickie certainly never had the balls to say it to my face. Oh yeah I held a responsible job too!!
  12. Hmmm. I'm P3 LE (long story) yet not excused BFT or CFT, play rugger regularly and run every other day. Am I still a Biff?
  13. Right to qualify my earlier statement, I myself was P3LE for a couple of years after suffering from stress fractures in my shins and having no rehab I then developed shin splints. At that time (91 - 93) I was classed as a Biff or Knacker, I could still do most if not all the things anyone else could however running and tabbing on roads was murder.

    During this time I still managed to play rugby for the AMS however my promotion prospects were impacted due to the personalities who ran the unit I was in at the time, as I was told in no uncertain terms that at P3LE the most the CO would sign off at the time for anybody downgraded was B3 or BP.

    And to be honest this was quite indicative of the AMS at that time. It took for me to get a posting to a Postal Depot, to get the correct rehab with the APTC guys on site to get me back up to full fitness.

    I am glad to see that the system has changed, and that it is recognised that soldiers who get injured through no fault of their own, are still able to have a full career and not to be passed over for promotion while downgraded, and therefore I would hope the perception has changed which is what I was indicating in my earlier statement.

    Good luck in the rest of your green kit careers I am now long out due to the effect 2 years on the back burner had on mine, however I am not bitter.....honest !!! as I have a very full and insanely paid career in Civ Div and haven't looked back with any longing at all.
  14. okay Stan, you're not bitter

    I bloody am, P3LE due to knackered knees, I can't even stand for long periods without pain but still ran a cracking med centre, was refused MD due to my imminent 22 years point and by feck am I bitter.

    how are you doing BTW, still in Yorks?
  15. periods of downgrading to P3 are also used 'for your own protection'

    stops those nasty PTIs doing further damage to something that needs time to recover / be assessed by experts etc.

    All things lower than P2 = Biff, I dont think so!