Not sure if I am posting this in the right section but seeing how I am in the corp then thought this might be this best place for it.

Following a RTA it looks like I might have to be downgraded, due to lower back problem(trapped nerve).

I have asked around a few different ppl and the general opinion sems to be that being downgraded should have no offical impedment on promotion prospects, but I know there is always a diffence between what should and what does happen.

I am able to mantain fitness in the gym using cycle machines and some running depending on how it feels that day but the drama comes when any battle PT is scheduled or long runs on tarmac as this agrevates the injury no end. Being an old crafty (joined at 28 been in 2 years) I dont have the usual blag powers of others my age so this leaves me in a bit of doubt as to the best course of action.

Physio has told me that it may be fine after 6 months but then it might be aggravated for the rest of my career and keep returning :cry:

So do I

(a) Take the downgrade route this early in my career ( yes i still want to do the 22 ) but look at slower or capped promotion.
(b) Say fook it and buy shares in brofen and hope I can still walk in ten years.
(c) Find a caring sharing PTI that will understand that I can pass BPFA but doing Battle PT and long runs ( Tabbing seems ok) is not good for me.

Obviously having a family to suppourt I need to gain promotion as quickly as I can and anything that will harm prospects will leave me out of pocket.

Civvy street is not an option as I have done that for 12 years and was the reason for joining up.

Any advice will be recieved with thanks as I am feeling quite stressed about the whole situation at the moment and when asking NCO for advice I get the standard answer, either pishtaking or officially shouldnt matter.
I feel for you mate i really do but, and its a big but, it is all dependant on your specific unit, some are sympathetic and some downright draconian. If you have doubts and you surely have, talk to your boss if you can't talk to your Boss try your SMO. Being injured should not stop your promotion or career prospects after all I know of at least one (no pun intended) one legged SNCO who has been promoted twice!

good luck my friend :D
downgrading is done to protect you (and the army)

there may well be short term difficulties, but you should look at the long term as well. How well will you be able to provide for your family in 10 years if you have neglected to take the available treatment now?

I have seen too many avoid a temporary downgrading, only to end up with greater problems later on. Not having access to your F/Med 4 I couldn't give you a definite answer on what my recommendation would be, nut usually there is a good reason for downgrading. There will be points at which your grading is reviewed. Depending on your grade and your trade you may or may not have a problem with promotion. Are you currently ellegible for promotion anyway? Will your OC reccommend you for promotion if you make yourself less capable of your job by not taking the treatment?
Okay if the system hasn't changed since my days (which I doubt!). As a tradesman being downgraded does I'm afraid affect your chances of promotion if you haven't passed your JMC. If you check QR's you'll find the necessary grading for promotion relevant to each trade. Gnerally if you are a tech/VMtrade then you have to be a minimum P1 to be considered. If you are a Recy Mech/Metalsmith/Storeman then P3 will get you up to WO2 again providing you've passed JMC. You used to be able to go on SMC with reduced capabilities ie: No battle marches etc but you can't do JMC with the same problem.

I actually got upgraded from P7 to P3 and having already passed my JMC changed trades from VM to Clerk (when REME actally had them) and gained promotion twice. I also knew a one armed Sgt Clerk who made WO2.

Good luck, you might want to go to a good Chiropracter and have a manipulation to sort out the back.
I had to be down graded due to an injury myself. I fractured the vertabrae in my lower back. Although i didn't "nurse" my injuries, i took the sensible route and got stuck in with the Physio. Because i took it slowly but surely, i managed to get back up to speed. The down-grading doesn't have to be permanent.

With the help of my PTI, I managed to successfully pass my CFT within about 5 months of my accident.

You need to look after your back. Take it slowly and you will hopefully not cause any further damage to your back. I do get the odd twinge now and again, but that is because I have forgotten to bend my knees or something basic like that , which is always taught in manual handling.

Play it safe, go to the physio, get help from your PTI and just concentrate on getting better. Because of my determination, the powers that be saw fit to promote me a while later. So it should not have any adverse effect.
You don't need your CLM quals to be considered for promotion - a recommendation in your most recent CR and the right amount of time in your substantive rank will get you considered at a promotion board. If you are selected for promotion THEN you need to do the right CLM courses for your new rank to get your substantive rank authorised. You can hold acting rank until then. Your medical grading will NOT stop you being considered at a promotion board - the board looks at promotability based on the content of the pen pictures in your CRs. If you are then selected your employability must be considered - if you cannot work at trade (ie cannot be employed) then that is the only time that your ability to be promoted might be affected.

The important thing therefore is that regardless of your medical grading you continue to get pen pictures written in your CRs that show your ability in to hold the next rank (leadership, command, communication, etc) and that you continue to contribute to whatever unit(s) you serve in. Content of the CR is all important in getting promoted.
You do have to have certain PULHEEMS grades to be promoted to Sgt. All of your Artificers have been trained to find this information and the MCM Div page on DII is a good place to start; use them, it's what they get paid popstar wages for.

Digressing slightly, were you at fault in the accident? Have you attended or passed PAAB? If the RTA has affected your promotion prospects you may be able to claim loss of earnings. Your earnings will be projected to over a 22 year career to WO1 if you passed PAAB and to SSgt if you didn't; if you have not attended PAAB then it could go either way. You have 3 years from the date of the accident to make a claim, while not wishing to promote Claims Management companies, I would suggest speaking to a solicitor.

were you a butcher in your civilian life?

I can't help thinking of LCpl Jones from Dad's Army every time I read one of your threads.
Thanks for all the sensible replies and good advice from all concerned.

Taken all the relevant advice on board and going for the temp downgrade to get myself back on the road to recovery.

Oh and heywood_Jablowme, or should I say Pyke, where you a customer of mine by any chance. Think you eaten to much beef mate why dont you try a bit of french swan see how you get on.
I suggest that you work on your grammar and spelling before you attempt a PAAB. Try and get on with life and try not to whinge too much. It's not impossible to get a career with an injury, just don't expect the Army to square you away medically overnight, it's not going to happen.

I know you're an old aged crafty, because it's your name and you ram it down everyones throat.

My advice...Don't Panic.
bluecoveralls - You are writing shite :(

2 RTR LAD REME (1996) - Best posting without a doubt. Good bunch of lads and some good tours.

I would always recommend the RTR.
tiffybox said:
tiffybox - You are writing shite :)
2 RTR LAD REME (1996) - Best posting without a doubt. Good bunch of lads and some good tours.
Would that be the same good bunch of lads and the same tours in 2006?

i was in your position ten years ago...i had a trapped nerve in my back, and yes i was one who used to take the mick out of 'glassbacks' until i had one...not nice, my advice would be not to the current climate it should not affect your employment, understandably you are restricted, hopefully temporarily

Iwould recommend a chiropracter i went to see one whilst being thrashed around on ACFC 1 many moons ago and it helped...dont know how serious your prob is but with a bit of tlc you'll be back on will know when you are on the mend

P.S. Dont throw brufen down your neck just to play's not worth the setback!

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