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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by fusdavetucker, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. The REME full screw board results were out not too long ago and there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the eligibility for promotion whilst being downgraded. Firstly I know many people will be raring to have a go at those who have previously been promoted whilst being downgraded, and think they shouldn't have... but that's not where I'm going with this. Secondly, I didn't sit on the board and I'm not downgraded... so this isn't some sort of bitter and twisted thread!

    Apparently, according to a few I've spoken to, their SJAR's did make it to the board on time, they had excellent recommendations but the feedback through the chain has been;

    You're downgraded (varying from p3 to medically non deployable) and there will be a separate board.
    Your appendix 9 wasn't with your SJAR, and you will sit a separate board on clarification of it.

    Is this normal practise or is it part of, what seems, the Army's wider scheme on tightening its belt? I had always been under the impression that promotion was irrelevant of a soldiers medical fitness.
  2. Anything??!!
  3. Not too sure how it's working now, it used to be promotion regardless of med grading but now with long term biffs getting the nudge towards the camp gate if they can't find the gym door, why promote someone who's getting the boot or not able to do the full job?

    This isn't a dig - I was/am a biff. I just hope them that do get the medinudge get the help they need when they hit civvie street.
  4. My only gripe is fat ***** gaining promotion / VENG. Soldiers should be fit with a sense of pride about their appearance in uniform. There should be a check box on SJARs labelled 'Fat ****' so that there can be no confusion in this matter.
  5. I am neither fat. or a **** or fit, what box do I tick?
  6. There is, however a check box for useless *****, and now you know your answer PTE phil. 8-O
  7. Being downgraded isn't a bar for promotion, I do know guys who got picked up on the LCpl to Cpl board who are downgraded. They do still have to pass the Junior Commanders Course though to get substantive. In 2007 a guy who had been picked up for Cpl but got injured on HERRICK 6 and was de-selected because he couldn't do his JCC. What a crock of sh1t that is!
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  8. I know a bloke who had a lower leg amputated due to an accident in the build up to Telic.While Y-Listed he was selected for promotion to Sgt then de-selected before his eventual discharge. He was gutted.

    Thats just shoddy treatment in my book.
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  9. plant_life is quite right, in that downgrading is not a bar to promotion. However, the Appendix 9 does have to accompany the relevant board paperwork. The appendix 9 is now the only guidance on an individual's functional restrictions and it informs the process of employing someone in a specific role. In order to be promoted, there has to a vacany in that rank and the individual needs to be able to fulfill the duties of the role he would be promoted in to. If the appendix 9 is not available for the board, then a subsequent shadow or catch up board needs to be held once the App 9 is available.

    In addition, the SO1 Occupational health is also consulted, who is an occupational specialist advisor.
  10. I have personal experience with this. I am fortunate to pick up whilst currently biffed. I have to complete the same clm as a FD bod, luckily I am able to do so. If you can make the grade promotion is there wether you're medically downgraded or not. You still have to complete the same courses at the same standard. If I fail the course through medical reasons or just crapness, then fair dues I'm not at the standard to be at that rank, biffed or not.
  11. We have just had a lad promoted to sgt he has not done any matts fitness tests since 2010 he hasnt done regimental pt for at least 3 years he hasnt gone on exercise since 2010 and he is downgraded love to know how that is allowed two other lads who deploy pass all thier matts and are fully fit didnt pick up it clearly shows face time works and the ramc arnt fussed who they promote
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  12. perhaps he's been promoted because, while he may be a biff, he can at least use punctuation to make himself understood...
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  13. I am so sorry im dyslexic one does apologise
  14. From looking at your post - no your not
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  15. Clearly im not didn't think you had to be an english teacher to post things all I was saying is it just goes to show that not doing any mandatory tests and being downgraded stops you from being promoted and its all about face time and shows that when sjars are written integrity goes out thr window im not on here to bitch just feel sorry for the two lads that didnt pick but they can hold thier heads high and say we can do our job