Downgraded in the AMS

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. I think that it is shocking that we have so many permanently downgraded personnel within the AMS.
    They are a drain on their Corps and trades and bump the numbers up when those in the Ivory Towers at AMD and MCM Div are looking at Operational Pinch Point Trades and retention/recruitment bonses etc. as well as leaving the same people to take up the deployments.

    My humble trade is undermanned by 35% but of the 65% we do have, a staggering 21% of them are downgraded!

    MCM Div need to have a bloody good clear out and have a rethink about giving continuance to those who are permanently biffed. It would highlight the actual operational strength of the trades and what a pish poor state we are in.

    Anyway, your thoughts.
  2. Permanently downgraded pax in general or just those who are non/deployable?
  3. You dick, i'm currently downgraded (Perm) I can and am about to deploy, I go on exercises, hump and dump tentage, drive all types of vehicles and treat casualties. So whats ya point, you want me and others like me, to leave and increase the over stretching of our Corps.
    Your one switched on cookey. I bet your man management skills are an inspiration to all.
  4. non-deployable, maybe I should ahve made that bit clear.

    Permanently downgraded and deploy? good on you, what about the permanently downgraded who dont deploy?
  5. Aladust I think you find Fpxy was talking about the ones who are sick lame and lazy for tours and the crappy jobs but appear able to strut thier funky stuff in a disco or front of the cue for the more pleasant adventurous training expeds, had one unable to most things except breathing sat down yet managed to go to warm and sunny climbs to do AT.
    And although I hate to admit it Foxy does have decent management skills
  6. we have the fair weather deployers, the ones who are too downgraded to deploy for 3-6 months to an operational theatre or any exercises with their local field unit but are the first to throw their names into the pot when a leave relief jolly to the Med for 2 weeks comes up.
  7. Still a cynic eh!
  8. and you obviously know the usual suspects to who I refer!
  9. As if I needed telling but ti is not AMS only and not new either
  10. That is true and it causes a great deal of resentment within the trade.
  11. If thats the case I will eat humble pie, and apologise There are a fair few who are downgraded with very little time left to do and the reason for their downgrading is because of injuries caused by Military training/life. as for the bluffers you mention, you have my total backing, but who sends these people away on these jolies when they have done nothing to earn it. You have to work hard if ya wanna play hard!!
  12. Don't we know that
  13. now, that would be me :oops: however once their names arrive with me that is as far as they go, like you said:

    I dont care if suddenly light bulbs appear above peoples heads about my secret identity, most of those in the AMS ivory towers know who I am anyway!
  14. Ok heres one for you, i agree about the bluffers in the corps who dont deserve there pay.
    ... There is an exremely overweight soldier in my sqn. Now he's not a model soldier by any stretch of the imagination. HOwever he is extremley corps proud and switched on for the military. He is lazy and i think that if was to lose the weight, all the other small problems with him would disappear with it, leaving only a keen soldier with an otherwise good attitude.
    This particular soldier is getting thrown out of the army because he can't pass a BPFA...fair one. Now, also in our sqn, is a soldier who has over 6 previous counts of stealing (from his muckers AND sqn property)unlike his fat co worker, he has a disgusting attitude for military life and dicipline. He also has a problem with alcohol and is an all round sh*t.
    Instead of punishing this man, the Oc put him on a PTI course (because he thought it would dry him out and give him a sense of responsibility) to which he only passed because the OC was on the phone every week to the QSMI keeping him in. He has now passed, and he is still all of the above, just now with a lance corpral stripe on his chest!
    Is this fair or has the army favoured physical fitness for attitude?
  15. AMS man management at its best as always.