Downgraded For Years But Selected For Promotion

Discussion in 'REME' started by phil37, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. I can't understand how permanently downgraded tradesman are coming off promotion boards.
    Have the rules changed or are reporting officers being less than honest?
  2. Phil, I've just looked at your 'started threads' you come across as a fat, useless idiot, and an admin nightmare. I met your types in the corps. Do the REME a favour.........sign off.
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  3. It was the same in the AGC, I once met a Captain who had been permanetly downaded and had never done a fitness test since leaving training; but had still made WO2 and then LE commision. It was commen for a permanety down graded person to be promoted, but when we deployed to Iraq in 2005 we had a prpblem as most of our Cpl's and 1 Sgt were noft enough to deploy, in a small Det it can cause big problems. Although when I was attached to the Artilery the CO at the time refused to promote anyone who was downgraded and could not pass a fitness test, the number of downgraded personnel fell overnight; it seemed a good policy.
  4. Perm downgraded should be kicked out the army.
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  5. Smudge me 'ol mate I wish you'd stop faffing about and get to the point, you are one for procrasting.
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  6. Everyone having a nice early start for a Saturday - anyone would think there was some sort of sporting event on TV!

    Oh, and get of that fence Smudge!!

  7. Perm. Non-Deployable are kicked out.
  8. If they can't pass an AFT and PFA then they shouldn't be coming off the boards any more.
  9. They might be selected but as there are no downgraded J/SCLM courses, surely they wont promote due to the fact of not being qualified.

    You now have to be MFD for the ACSLB. This can be got round by having an appendix 9 from the Doc, however if no AFT pass on ACFC 3 you will not scroll.
  10. **** being able to string a coherent sentence together, a soldier should be promoted on his ability to run faster than his mates.
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  11. Maybe it's simply because they are better than you. It happens.
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  12. I understand your frustration, however, you can't blanket-bomb everyone with the downgraded thing.
    I am permanently downgraded -MLD- and have been for a good few years. In that period I have promoted from CSgt to WO1 and am on the LE commissioning board next month. Although I am perm downgraded, there is nothing that I cannot do that a fully medically fit person can do. I have deployed on ops and not just a base rat, patrols etc too.
    Downgraded personnel are looked at on an individual case by case basis, and although there are plenty of O2 thieves about there are also plenty who -like me - just need a few happy pills every day, and can perform as good as, if not better, than their fully fit counterparts.
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  13. Agreed!

    Dude, are your fingers made of Bratwurst.
  14. Spot on about the foolish stereotyping. If the reports written are strong enough to earn a place on the promotion list and a vacancy in the next rank will accept the level of downgrading specified then well done that soldier for rightfully earning the promotion. Methinks most reporting officers can readily work out those who hide behind their downgrading and those who work through it during a reporting year. The downgrading may be the fault of the Army - within sensible limits we owe a duty of care.
  15. Christ ... I have to work hard at being a soldier and don't expect to promote again, but it's unfair to promote downgraded soldiers over fit ones regardless of how well they can spanner.