Downgraded? Can't pass a PFA/AFT....expecting promotion...

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Heard/read some news today that will enlighten some of our downgraded friends. Apparently if you cannot pass MATT 2 even if your Med Cat states you cannot attempt it due to injury then you will not be selected for promotion...guys/girls that cannot pass MATT 2 or do not have to complete MATT 2 due to Appx 9 will never be selected for promotion, CLM Pt1 loading, or ASCLB/course loading until they have passed MATT 2.

    I read this as can pass the required courses but if you have not passed MATT 2 you wont be if your expecting promotion and your injured and not passed your AFT/PFA dont be shocked when you are passed by.....Discuss!!
  2. has this not been the case for some time?

    i was injured (not wounded) on tour, on returning i had to wait until i was fully fit before i was promoted!
  3. This is exactly as it should be. And before anyone bleats on about injuries incurred as a result of service, the correct response to that is a medical discharge with an appropriate pay-out and pension.
  4. No bleating but playing devils advocate....guy/girl passes all the relevant courses....picks up an injury prior to AFT so does not complete it...promotion board sits whilst injured....not promoted....girl/guy recovers shortly after passes AFT with no problems.....said person is now 1 year behind his/her peers yet may have never been injured before, may be number one in his/her Rank recommended for promotion and is a top bloke/bird....are we really going to treat people this way?
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    By way of discussion would you think it appropriate to apply this to a nurse with an ongoing shoulder injury who cannot do press ups but is otherwise fully fit and is continuing to to deploy?
  6. How will a nurse with a shoulder injury fare when patients have to be moved about?
  7. By way of discussion would you think it appropriate to apply this to a nurse with an ongoing shoulder injury who cannot do press ups but is otherwise fully fit and is continuing to to deploy?

    No idea if AMS are applying the same rules as we are......However the case is that deployability and employability are two different entities....
  8. You need to go to specsavers fella, because that's a very short sighted view.
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  9. What About the loss of experience?
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    People don't get promoted for their benefit or because they're a good egg (at least they shouldn't be). They get promoted for the benefit of the service. If the best person for the job doesn't get the job is that a good idea?

    An earlier poster said they could be compensated by pensions and whatever: Who compensates the rest of us for losing the best person for the job?

    Don't get me wrong I think fitness is very important for a soldier and passing AFT's and CFT's is an important measure of fitness and points to an ability or lack of ability to do the job - but as with any rule it should be sensibly implemented.
  11. 1982,Ssgt selected for SSM course,prior to promotion to WO2,problem with knee,unable to do BFT/CFT,sent to BMH Rinteln for X Ray.

    Young Radiologist took piccies of said knee,nothing,took piccies of the whole leg,Osteo Arthritis left hip,due to physical abuse during service,end off.

    5 years service left for 22 years,medical board,down graded,no longer FE,deselected for WO2 board,I didn't have a problem with it then,and I wouldn't have a problem with it now,there were plenty of Seniors,who had the same amount of experience as me,who could do the job,early promotion,job jobbed,shit happens,live with it,it's easy! :)
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  12. Ironic as it may seem, immediately prior to reading this thread, I read an article today's The National (A UAE national daily paper) about the unforeseen consequences of ill thought out and hastily prepared quick-fix regulation.

    Time for a rethink?
  13. MLD...we have WO1's who are MLD, not able to pass a CFT and or PFA yet they can deploy on OPs. However a WO2 currently MLD with similar injury cannot be promoted to fill a slot unless he has passed CFT/PFA.....further discussion me thinks.
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  14. I agree, it needs some careful thought as regards the detail of application particularly as regards those temporarily downgraded who, prior to injury/illness had a good record. But the basic premise is absolutely correct.
  15. You only have to pass a AFT once a year, it wouldnt be hard to monitor when someone last passed one, if they have been injured in all that time, that might be a very good reason why they should not be selected for promotion.