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Quick question, came off tour last year with a knee injury, had operation at selly oak and then got demobed from RTMC as a P3LE after they had took me as far as they could physo wise. Had no problems with RTMC (they did a good job) apart from i wanted to demob fit but the SMO and my physo assured me that i could still remob as a P3LE for ops but just limited to what jobs i could do.

Now the problem, my PSAO and TM are determined to stop me from going on tour again (in the TMs words "we don’t want biffs") biff i unfortanley may be now, but i have the quals and experience behind me also, the only real thing i can not do any more is run, it seems they would rather send a young inexperienced soldier who is fit.

Any advice much appreciated

Also ready for incoming
You can deploy on P3LE, it is up to your MO in conjunction with your CoC. Keep pestering and good luck!


If I remember the Pulheems Document correctly you can deploy on Ops as P3LE in the following capacity

'Lines of Communication' ie not front line deployed 3 times as P3LE
depends on the tour, at one point (and it may still stand) Herrick was P2 only.

edited to add
Pulhheems pamphlet has just been rewritten too, the 2007 version is out now!
I deployed as P3LE in first line roles and as P7 on base duties (sparky)

It was up to my unit (I was deployed while waiting an op due to operational necessity)

4 Tours as P3LE/P7
I was P3LE perm due to eyesight (a german vision specialist told the MO I failed a night vision test after it was highlighted I may have had a progressive eye disease by my civ optometrist; didn't so a waste of time and career, not to mention ******* up a transfer to the QAs... anyway).

I had to see the MO before I was supposed to deploy to Iraq and I convinced them to let me go on tour (think this was telic 2/3) and the MO was fine with this... Although I broke my leg the next ******* day whilst doing a fecking assault course :x

So in answer to your question, you can deploy.


Just been confirmed by phone call that my TM is refusing to let me go on tour due to my medical status :evil:

He did not even have the decencey to let me know himself and left a PSI to do his dirty work .
Have done all the training i was asked to do and more , even by instructing on one of the training weekends because i was more qualified and up to speed than some of the DS

The TM used every excuse possible to bin me with out actually checking the facts (he kept widing the goal posts and i kept scoring) and then just binned me anyway :twisted:

20 years combined service 10 reg, 10 TA counts for nothing once you become a BIFF :twisted:

Have requested interview with O.C

Rant over

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