Downgrade Christmas?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gundulph, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Bandwagon arriving at platform 2.......

    All aboard
  2. This is self-cestruction, not something that is done by immigrants. What I see here in Canada is that often these things are decided not by immigrants, but by people affraid to offend. Immigrants, on the contrary, say that they would like the host country to keep its traditions and affirm its identity. And by the way, it's called the Winter Festival, and the tree is The Seasonal Evergreen.
  3. And I want a pony.

    You want to tear the barriers down? Then make sure they can speak English as a condition of entry.

    You want to tear the barriers down? Stop them congregating in their own ghettos with a siege mentality and an unwillingness to integrate into wider society. Stop pandering to their every whim, destroying any incentive they have to actually integrate.

    I have dealt with this issue very recently, and it leaves mild-mannered man little me , angry and and frustrated, because the sheer arrogance and determination to show unwillingness to integrate in some communities is breathtaking.
  4. Maybe in Canada Mr Fawlty, but in the UK it's a completely different story!

    HA hahahahaha...
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Even if HMG fcukwits do want to downgrade it, commercialism will keep Christmas safe and well. Screw government policy if there is a buck or two to be made :D

    PS Did HMG not agree recently that as a policy, multiculturism had proved a failure and they wanted to move away from that particular ideal? Seems this report goes against that latest reevaluation of vote winning policy (sorry - U turn). Did they not get the memo? :roll:
  6. Pongo... I want to nibble on your shell like and whisper sweet nothings!!

    The worm has definitely turned for you!!

  7. If it's going to stop PTP getting his Christmas pressies (and remember he has been a good boy this year), he's quite entitled to throw his teddy in the corner. Let him have his pony, I say.
  8. At least, you're still allowed to call it "Christmas". Here, it's the Holidays, or The Festive Season, or The Winter Festival.
  9. By "here" - I assume you meean Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester or the Peoples Republic of Lambeth
  10. I think it maybe important to accept change as not to offend

    Lets change these festivals to something else not to offend all the others

    Christmas...winter festival .... no presents another winter festival..... no slaughtering animals

    Holi........Spring practical jokes ( Human Rights affected )

    Judism, Buddism, Sikhism, & alll the other religions

    Personally I like them all as they are, and want a good rant at the PC Brigade :pissedoff:
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The only culture in our office is found growing in the fridge. Thank feck in darkest Sussex we donthave none of that pc mumbo jumbo to contend with, now shut up and throw another catholic on the fire its starting to go out!
  12. Be kinda nice if they put the religion back into Christmas and got rid of the greed and excess. Then we could get back to being a Christian country and occupy ourselves with some nice little Crusades.
  13. I'm with Roy Wood on this one.
  14. You want to retake London?