Sorry if this has been mentioned before

Just seen the film Downfall ( last days in the Hitler Bunker) and would like to flag it to others on here
for what I think is an excellent and thought provoking film.

The true horror of what the Nazis brought to Europe is made worse by their human side and acceptance of mad ideas as shown here.

I think this ranks with other films showing more than the usual 1 dimensional view of the German experience of WW11 such as Das Boot and Cross of Iron.

The account is also based on a true events/book.

I have no connection with this production just thought those that are war film buffs like me might like a recommendation

anyone else seen it agree or disagree?
Have seen the original German version "Der Untergang" with English subtitles. Unfortunetly the problem is that the English translation doesn't do the film justice as to how Hitler was literally losing his mind. It is Interesting to note that Bruno Ganz (Hitler) has received numerous death threats because of the way he portrayed Hitler in this film.
Very interesting portrayal / insight of the last days of the Third Reich, well worth watching although the movie was a bit long especially reading subtitles, but the fact that the film is not dubbed seemed to lend it more authenticity.
Hey, I saw this at the cinema with the English subtitles. I have to comment that this is probably the only way to see it. Bruno Ganz is absolutely incredible. I spent a lot of the film torn between cringing and fascination with this mad and yet strangely comprehensive man.

It makes you realise the true extent of Hitlers madness and ultimate conviction in his ideas. Also, quite how sad it was for everyone else around.

Definately worth a look. If you can, watch it with the English subtitles. Compelling stuff.
didn't das boot have subtitled (the tv version i think) and dubbed version? downfall is very good, and while worth concentrating on, you have no choice because of language (apart from good German speakers naturally)
Does it say why Hitler committed suicide?

I heard it was the Gas bill???!! :lol:
I saw on channel 4 tonight (after Hislops excellent 'Not Forgotten') that Downfall is showing on More 4 (available on Cable, Satellite and Freeview) on Monday 5th December, 2100 - compulsory viewing.


mnairb said:
I saw on channel 4 tonight (after Hislops excellent 'Not Forgotten') that Downfall is showing on More 4 (available on Cable, Satellite and Freeview) on Monday 5th December, 2100 - compulsory viewing.
Just finished watching it (recorded it from last nights re-run)
Brilliant - a must see.
Haven't seen Downfall yet, but if you get a chance to see Kenneth Branagh in "Conspiracy" it's also a very fine film, set during tne Wansee conference when the Nazis were organising the details of the Final Solution. Chilling stuff, especially as they seem to regards the whole thing as a business problem to be solved instead of the murder of a religion.
Just finished watching Downfall, and I have to agree with the other posters that it is a must-see. I have to say that the casting director did a top-notch job, because the men who played Goebbels and Himmler were practically clones of the real men. I'm glad this thread was kicking about to remind me about this film.
The subtitles are often 'translation lite' and nuances are lost as BT suggests. Even 'Grundstufe' German speakers (like me) will ping that. Pity because the quality of the rest of the film is superior.

You'll probably want to fast forward through the murder of the Goebbels children by Uberbitch mother Magda (harrowing stuff-yes I know it's only a film). Those who loathe Mohnke with good reason will feel uncomfortable with the portrayal of Mohnke as humanitarian and heroic even if he's clicking his heels to the Fuehrer to the last. I suppose the Germans need to feel that someone gave a rat's about them when Hitler didn't.

Highly recommended but it's a film based on actual events and padded out with some made up ones, not a history lesson. On a par with Das Boot.

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