Downed Darksider

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. If anyone here knows a skinny wee blonde man, Arabic darksider and retired a couple of years ago, answers to the initials CC and had a huge motorbike accident years ago, he's had another huge one, just as serious and is stuck in France, I gather in another whole-body cast. PM me for details and contact number for abusive/sympathetic texts.
  2. The truth is often stranger than fiction! You could not have invented a more tragi-comic situation.......

    Hang on, if he was just in UK he could have collided with a 59 plated luxury vehicle taking TMA to chemo.

    TMA could have detected this as an AQ suicide attack and instictively gone through his anti-ambush drills : broken out the G39 he keeps under the. Dash and applied full auto.

    In the backing car....Captain Padraig........

    Pls can you let me have his number? Along with some of Brawdy's sons, we will compose suitable SMS in the Bar tonight ;)
  3. The silly old sod obviously attempted to improve on my recent record and went for another motorcycle accident. Unlike my pathetic attempt in Brussels recently which led to an enforced week's misery in the old Krankenhaus, he went for it big time. Number en route by other means.
  4. Dingbat ! - you failed to mention the `goldplated` G39 and the very fact I now sit in the back - my `desperate men & women` do all that kind of thing now ! All that training given by HV & CR in the 80's gone to watse !

    BTW - Does CC require repatriation ? Shall I send the blue or White Augusta ?
  5. [quote="The_Marsh_Arabist]BTW - Does CC require repatriation ? Shall I send the blue or White Augusta ?[/quote]

    A matt black 205 rarely offends.
  6. I've talked to the silly bastard* now and he sends his appreciation to all the nice people who have sent offensive texts.

    He expects to be repatriated through his health insurance in a couple of weeks' time and is feeling as OK as someone can in his circumstances.

    *Hullo Kettle this is Pot send colourstate over
  7. A matt black 205 rarely offends.[/quote]

    Actually if you look up from your back garden (some 20 plus feet from your missus workplace :twisted: - you cannot hide from us :) ) one of my desperate men (answers to the name Rohan - well he will tommorow 8) ) at approx 1030 - 1045hrs Thursday, the big white russian rotary may pop by !

    That is if the AMEX card has been authorised :oops:

    Unfortunately, it will not be stopping as he has to get back to London for a tour of the underground with the Boys from Ipanema !
  8. If it's that crowd of Ukrainian drunks I last saw in Abuja flying the Hip, my cats will shoot it straight out of the sky. Terrifying people, man, I think they've been drunk since the Soviet Air Force forgot to pull them back from Conakry in 1991.
  9. Rohan is back on the Black.
    We were indeed over Gladys's dacha @ 10:30 and again at 3pm. Those lovely people at Harrods Aviation could not go low level, don't like to have to clean the Merlot off the Wilton pile.

    With 7 POB there were only 7 seats to spare so it was a little crowded. Sadly the blinis were a trifle too warm on the way back. Last time I do chalk commander.
  10. I was somewhere between Warwick and Stratford at the time, which explains why the cab didn't get illuminated and engaged. My cats tell me that Harrods Aviation don't understand IR and there was "good tone" - lucky you weren't lower.
  11. Good Looking?


    We have the capability to rebuild him....
  12. Not again.

    What a prat, you'd think he would have learnt by now (but then again do any of us learn through repeated mistakes?).
  13. Spoke to CC this morning, he is now back in local hospital in UK.

    Poss discharged next week, sounding upbeat,

    another 7 lives left etc.......
  14. Any update on this?

    Was the bike recovered, is it still roadworthy?

    Is the PDA still OK?

    Will the driver appear in court,

    Do I have to act as character witness again? 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O