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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by gibson097, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Heard a lot of military myth about this one, but when is it acceptable to "down tools" prior to a 22 year retirment, Im talking gardening leave, days off, sorting your admin out. When (apart from the obvious resettlement time and terminal leave) do you just say to the over demanding feckers enough is enough I aint doin any more !!!!!

    (currently suffering an atitude of " you will play by the rules and thats all yer getting")
  2. Depends on how Professional you are. Evidently not very, so crack on now mate.
  3. Ignore stab wingnut. :roll:

    Talk to your local resettlement centre, book your CTP if not already done. With time of service, graduated resettlement time and accumulated leave, your last 6 months should not be in uniform. If you are on OPs at this stage, your release date should be changed to allow you this 6 months after return and post tour leave. check with RAOs

    Most important thing, start working now on what you want to do post forces. If there is something close to it in your unit/location (e.g RE teaching HAZMAT, Inf working in MT getting Cat C, computer centre etc etc) at the moment, then a burst of "enthusiasm" and volunteering to do it for the last few months may allow you some additional free re training time.

    Unfortunately you will have to alot yourself, do not rely on unit/system to tell you what to do
  4. Well thanks for that. Clearly 22 years of dedication,sacrifice, laughter tears and pride in the organisation that was once so proudly the British Army are not enough. I shall work every last minute that I am privileged to have been granted by HM the Queen to serve under her colours.

    If I was the bitter type I would launch at you you part time utter utter utter Cnut !

    SBP thanks for the tips, fortunatly with less than 6 months to run I am on the resettlement train and recently have been granted a couple of excellent job opportunitys. Think its time to call time and start handing in my kit. Or maybe I could flog it to some walt part time REME wallah ?
  5. I'll second the comment about stabtiffy, by his username what does he know about regular service let alone the retirement after 22 years service part.

    Make a point of remembering the the resettlement package is your ENTITLEMENT and not a priviledge.

    Best wishes on your impending retirement and I hope you settle down into civvie life with a job that you enjoy.