Down To The Short Strokes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Well with less than a fortnight to go, the Bushies are working themselves into a lather... Spending $ 40 million US to celebrate Dubya getting re-elected. and spending far more than that to get a raft of no-names elected in Iraq, knowing full well that come the 30th, it will be the damndest and dumbest ' free and democratic ' election ever held [ except of course for Dubya's first go-round against Gore ]...

    The ' insurgents' are upping the ante with attacks on police stations, recruiting posts, abducting ' non-muslim' clergy, etc. etc..and generally screwing up the US attempts at ' pacifying ' Mosul and other Sunni triangle cities and such.. Result will be the election of Shiites in the ' safe ' areas, the Kurds getting their own way in their end of things, and the rest being a royal c**k-up..

    Bush says he'll keep the boys and girls in camo ' in theatre ' for a bit longer just to make sure that ' phase one' is up and running [ and stick around for the second wave of elections in 2006 to get the ' real ' government in place..]

    which, of course, makes all the belligerent posturing about giving Iran and Syria a good ' dressing down ' for not playing nice a bit of a hollow ring since the world knows that America is tapped out when it comes to troops free to go banging any more heads...

    Unless, one subscribes to the theory that the newly elected Iraqi government requires, as one of their first official duties, that coalition troops withdraw forthwith, thank you very much -[ in which case they could easily withdraw toward the above named Iraqi neighbours in quick time. ]..

    what are the odds with the London bookmakers?..

    well, time to sit back with the remote and watch the sycophantic burblings from the breathless masses as they crowd the Washington red carpets for a glimpse of the top drawer Hollywood types and the Bush babies in their newly acquired designer gowns...
  2. Well, even that would be something better than what has gone on before. My personal opinion is that Iraq does not understand democracy and will not see any bebefit. However, there has to be change and the choice of such changes is limited. Giving them a forum - even if it will end up like the Northern Ireland model - will get debate into the open thus giving some chance to finding out what they do want in the long run.
  3. I'll give 6/4 on Iraq having a Gov't that has a reasonable grip on the country by the end of next year.
    7/2 on US/Coalition troop levels falling below 100k by the same time.
    OK, so I'm an optimist.
  4. you are forgetting some of the past Canadian elections
  5. Beware, Rocketeer, your hint of bias is showing.