Down the Vets

Late at night in a vets kennel, a Jack Russel terrier and a Great Dane get chatting.

"So what you in here for then?" says the Great Dane to the JRT...
"Well says the JRT, I was at home alone one day and feeling a bit bored, I chewed up the sofa, crapped on the rug, tore up all the post and generally made a mess, and as a result of that I'm being put down"

"Thats terrible" says the Great Dane,

The JRT says "nah, I've had a good life, been looked after quite well and to be honest now I'm getting on a bit, I'm ready to go, anyway enough about me, what are you in here for?"

The Great Dane says "well similar thing really, I thought I was alone in the house one day and was having a kip on the rug, suddenly I heard the sound of water running upstairs, being a good guard dog I went up to investigate and there in the bathroom was my mistress, stark naked, bent over and running a bath, well my animal passions were aroused and lets just say I took advantage of the situation and gave her one"

The JRT says "blimey, so your being put down too eh?"

The Great Dane says "No, I'm having my claws cut!"

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