down the sink it goes

I made up 23 litres of barrons premium dutch lager from a kit in early December, took a first taste tonight and the brew has a strong tcp taste, that bad I spit it out and opened another bottle, then another they all tasted the same, tcp yuk. So as reluctant as I am, its going down the sink tomorrow, the only thing I can think that spoilt the brew is that I didn't rinse the bottles out enough after sterilising them, ow well shit happens
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ribena is your friend
What steriliser did you use? Some of the ones you buy from brew shops can do that. Have you ever tried Milton baby bottle steriliser? Designed to be tasteless!


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try vitamin c as well its used to remove the aftertaste of puritabs and iodine
If you can't drink it do it intravenously!


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a nasal tube would work and he could carry on eating crisps
Bottle and re-label as Dr. Oggie's miracle biological throat cure and sell at the local market or craft fair. Then use the profits to buy some decent hooch.


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Egads man, are there no gentlemen of the road where thoust resideth? Think of those less fortunate than thyself. The sink indeed! Bah!
Chuck a load of sugar in it and let it get even more vile but higher in alcohol, then run it through a still a couple of times.

Store in steel container with a handful of old oak chips from a sherry cask and sample once a year on your birthday until it tastes right, then neck the lot in one sitting with your mates.
What steriliser did you use? Some of the ones you buy from brew shops can do that. Have you ever tried Milton baby bottle steriliser? Designed to be tasteless!
I used Youngs steriliser/cleaner, but will obtain some Milton for future use, checked 2 other brews made up after the Barron's (coopers european and betterbrew Czech lager and they are fine, so can only put it down to either bacteria infection of the equipment/bottles or not rinsing the sterilising solution out. Lesson learned the hard way
TCP taste usually means you've got too many phenols in the brew (phenols are good in Belgian or wheat beers to give a sour edge, but not in an ale or lager).

If it all tastes the same then the problem was in the fermenting vessel, not in the individual bottling (unless you did fail to rinse out every single one).

Possible causes might be:

Sanitation - you may have picked up a wild yeast which are everywhere.

Water - your water supply may have alot of chlorine or chloramines in. You can treat this with a pinch of sodium metabisulphite in the water before you start.

Fermentation temperature - too hot will give off-flavours. Ale yeast likes about 20 C and lager yeasts about 10 C. Afraid I don't know what is used in Baron's kits.

Given time, the problem may go away, or it may not.
I once had to do that with 40litres of what I'd hoped was going to be very high alcohol wine (well, you need a hobby in Riyadh) but into which I'd put far too much sugar, and after all of the effort, and three months of waiting, it was undrinkable. Tried distilling it, but my skills and equipment weren't up to it, and it remained useless.

"Bugger"; I remember thinking.
Back in the day, I had it happen several times and once the brewing bucket is affected it's gone for good.

One tip is to wash out the bucket immediately and sterilise it carefully after taking out the brew.

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