Down the drain.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. Ten grand? That's enough to pay a young copper for 6 months. Another copper on the streets though, wouldn't satisfy the council's 'diversity requirements'. Wouldn't it be nice if the public actually had a say in where their money went?
  2. Is this not an insult even to their intellegence, assuming that they do not know how to go to the police if they are the victims of crime?

    Why didn't they give that money to me and I would have spent it on curry and sprouts. I would then have collected my farts and used the said gasses to heat a small nursing home or childrens ward for weeks.

    Surely this is a more sensible suggestion. Any more bright ideas about what to do with 10,000 big ones?

  3. What exactly is their plight? Is Sgt Vic Gilpin checking up on their tax discs, unlicensed shotguns etc? Is he he listening to "settled residents" FFS! Views? If he had any bottle as a decent cop he should be doing a seroius sneaky beaky and then.........UNLEASH HELL!!!!!!

    unlikely tho
  4. So these people aren't educating their children, which is a legal requirement?

    The majority is now the oppressed minority
  5. Madness! complete and utter!
  6. £10,000 could buy plenty of barbed wire to keep the buggers in,.. plus where have all those Anti personnel mines that are now banned gone, liberally scattered around the encampments....

    A criminal waste of money,... these people have given up laws that we abide by...

    as you say, this is half a years salary for a fresh Bobbie.. would have been better spent..

    It also assumes these people are PC literate and have access to the hardware needed!!!
  7. And they wonder why so many of the 'majority' feel helpless and opressed in their own communities.

    Minorities are by the very definition a small part of a community, why should they have large sums of money spent specifically on what the powers that be think are what they require, rather on the whole community.

    If elections were run on the same basis they would not be classed as legal. I mean, when did a minority have more voting power than the rest of the electrate?
  8. No, it's an audio CD because they don't want to discriminate against those that cannot read (read the article more thoroughly before releasing safety-catch)
  9. most of them are not even romany there irish tinkers who paddyland has had enough off and are forcing them all to come here by passing some truely non pc laws
  10. I suppose we would all like to be left to live our lives in our own way.
    However we are called upon to conform to certain basic standards of which the majority are common sense, thats how we got the Ten Commandments which are same same-ish, for every religion beleif I know of.
    The traveller wants the best of all worlds takes what he can, avoides paying all he can and then has the neck to scream Racisam when required to conform to what he does not want to do.
    How often do I see some 'backwoods pesant' of zero education use a phrase on Human rights, theoretical idiology that seems to have originated in the mouth of Christian Amanpour or which ever of the new generation of doom bringers the Beeb now employs, since the 'demise' of the Angle of Death Kate Aidei. Where ever they go so does destruction and misery for the population, only the birthrate and use of high faluting phrases increases.
  11. One of the most depressing parts of this report is the fact that the Police are now capable of appointing some of their officers to the post of "Hate Crime Manager".

    I do despair.
  12. No one minds travellers, its when they fcuking stop that they cause trouble!!

    The arrogance of these people, demanding the right to live an alternative life-style but then demanding that those of us in the mainstream support them by our taxes! They are rude, ignorant and these days don't even paint pretty flowers on wooden buckets - KFC bargain buckets nowadays...

    You can call me a bigoted retired officer but then again, I am. More importantly I live in a rural area and I'm fed up with catching some Fenian bastard inspecting the lock on my outbuildings and then being offered plant at knock-down (i.e. knock-off) prices that probably was stolen from my neighbour. Thank god for the trusty Beretta and a deep slurry pit is what I say...

  13. Guess the theft rates of laptops will now soar thru the roof.... 8O good move there Cambridgeshire Constabulary .... :? Unless of course the CD also loads a virus that downloads the contents of the toe-rags computer to the local nick and then trashes it :lol: :lol:

    Ya couldnt make it up .... Vote Labour :twisted:
  15. All the poor Travellers want is free food, free clothing, the ability to move anywhere and set up on anyone's property, free of charge or rent.
    Doesn't society owe these people support in their way of life?
    They have their own laws, which they apply and enforce. This surely should be recognised as being valid?

    Why shouldn't the Police protect that?