Down on the farm

Sunday afternoon on the farm and the vicar is having tea with the farmer and his wife. Half way through and young son comes running in all flushed and excited.
"My, my" says the vicar "What's got you all fired up young man?"
"Well" says young son "Our black bull has just run into the barn and f*cked our white cow"
Very embarrassing for mam and dad.
Vicar leaves and mam and dad explain to son why he is about to receive a sever beating.
"But dad, what must I say then?"
Dad thinks for a minuet
"OK son, if it happens again say that the black bull has surprised the white cow."
"OK dad I'll remember that."
One week later and vicar has again arrived for afternoon tea.
Halfway through and in runs young son, again flushed and excited.
"DAD, DAD" he shouts.
"yes son"
"Black bull has run into the barn surprised the white cow"
Vicar is very impressed with young lad.
"Well done you are a well mannered little boy" says he.
"Yer" says lad "Ran straight past her and f*cked the brown one."

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